How Domestic Helpers Should Overcome Excuses

Do you like making excuses? Do you think excuses helps you to get away with something easily? If yes, then you should think about stop making excuses to get successful results in your life.


As humans, we always never ran out of excuses to tell. May it be real or made up excuses. As a domestic helper in other country, there are some things or requests your employer may need to ask you. And you, in return would sometimes make up excuses for things you think could bring you inconvenience, harm, or things you are not familiar of.


“Why do we resort to making excuses every time we encounter big or small inconvenience?” The answer always depends on the situation you are currently facing. You always make excuses in your own comfort.


Here are some examples of excuses usually used or heard:


I can’t learn it that way (it’s not my style) – doing something new as an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid may bring fear and would result you to making up excuses. But trying to do something in a different way could mean new knowledge and learning for you. It may be hard at first, but because you took the challenge and did not make up any excuses, you gained knowledge about a new thing. And it would show your employer that you are willing to take on new challenges.


I need to know this first, so until I know that I can’t – being an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid, learning and doing something spontaneously the first time would never bring you harm. Do not make excuses just because you are afraid to make mistakes and be corrected. Your employer will always be there to help you out. Learning is fun and making excuses to learning makes you one step behind from others.


I can’t make it work because… – as an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid, making excuses about something you haven’t tried, or maybe have tried doing for a number of times and failed means that you don’t have a spirit of perseverance. Just continue and persevere until you achieve the results you’re aiming for. All big and small efforts are appreciated.


No one will agree with me – as an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid, this excuse is used to show that you easily give up on trying to do something because you think it will cause a misunderstanding with your employer. There is nothing wrong with opening up and sharing your ideas. Remember that your employer will agree and disagree with you, but it’s better to try than not try at all.

I don’t have time because…– you don’t have time. You have time, and you just need to make one. Being an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid, there some one-time opportunities your employer may offer you. Grab it and make time for it! It is an advantage on your part. If you want to make something great, do it. Stop making excuses.


There’s no money for that – lack of money is often heard to be an excuse in doing some things in life. Money can always be found and earned, but experiences and time wasted cannot be brought back. As an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid, a great opportunity means a chance to do great things. Stop making lack of money as an excuse for you to miss an opportunity we can always find a remedy about lack of money.


I don’t want to look bad (so I won’t try) – bad or good, people always has something to say about our job and actions. Making mistakes being an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid is normal. As long as you tried your best in doing these things, your employer would surely be happy to see you try.


This is hard for me because… – no task is easy to learn at first. As an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid, all you have to do is learn and familiarize how to do it. A task being hard is never an excuse for you to not do it. Just try and give your best in any task given by your employer. Accept corrections and try to be better.


Being an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid working in another country, with a new other culture and people, it is natural to feel unsure and uneasy about doing new things. But before you make an excuse on trying, think about the opportunity and learnings that you will miss if you let a chance pass because you made an excuse. If you are unsure about something, educate yourself or ask your employer for guidance.


Talk about the pros and cons to make sure you have no what if’s and regrets about a missed opportunity of learning. As a domestic helper in another country, you must try to explore and test the limit of yourself in doing new things. It may bring a difference to you or to your employer.

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