How Can Maids Deal with Picky Eaters

It’s meal time! The maid cooked a healthy delicious meal for the 2-year-old boy. The child gets on his chair, looks down on his breakfast bowl, and gives the nanny a disapproving look. He shakes his head and runs off to play again.


The live in nanny don’t need to freak out! Kids being choosy about their food is just normal especially for toddlers. As they grow and learn to do things by themselves, they will eventually make choices on how much to eat and what not to eat.


There is a way for mom and maids in Singapore to ensure the nutrition of the children. Check out the following tips on how to deal with picky eaters.


1) Don’t make eating sound like an obligation
Yes, children need to eat food with vitamins and minerals but nannies must make sure they are not making it sound like a must-do for the children. Aside from the truth that they still can’t comprehend what a healthy diet means, the Filipino maid or Indonesian maid must create a fun atmosphere instead. This sets up a good mood and makes the meal time sound encouraging and fun!


2) Eat together as much as possible
Kids treasure moments of doing one activity with the family. Parents and the maid can be a model of eating healthy. In the toddler’s next meal time, let the maid sit with him and enjoy their meal together. It is also important to let the child see that the maid is eating broccoli and mushroom too!


3) Just keep trying
He may reject the serving of radish today but he may like it tomorrow. Never give up! To make it look different and new, try putting it on the next recipe by tomorrow. Some kids can’t tell the difference.


For the Indo maid and Filipino maid, explore new healthy recipes each day. Kids are generalists. Spinach is green so they think everything green isn’t good. Maids must try their best to offer variety.


4) Involve them in preparing their food
When children are involved in making their own food, there is a greater chance they’d be curious on how the meal they made tastes like. So, when it’s cooking time again, the maid can let the kid do harmless procedures like mixing sauces, stirring flours, or forming doughs into ball shapes.


The key to successful cooking with the child is supervision and patience. Don’t worry! He may grow up loving cooking too.

5) Be careful on what you say
Please don’t let kids hear you say that some food is bad and some food is good! Only eating too much of something is bad, but at the end of the day, we need a little bit of everything for us to have a balanced diet and be sickness-free.


Kids are always listening! Live in nannies can’t call them ‘picky’ or ‘choosy’.


The maid may see more food on the floor than in kids’ mouth. It’s not easy but she must stay patient and give time for the child to get used to eating right. We wish you a happy and healthy family!


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