Good Kitchen Habits the Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid Must Learn
Being a good cook isn’t just mastering a new Chinese recipe, it’s also about being sanitary and practising good habits in the kitchen. Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid who are learning new Chinese recipes are surely exploring techniques to make cooking faster and easier. Being sanitary in the kitchen is more than just washing your hands, it’s also about our routines or when or where to we peel our carrots. It’s probably time for the live-in maid in Singapore to pick up some cooking techniques that will surely transform them to become efficient in cooking.


Eden Grace Maids Agency loves to equip the live-in maid in Singapore to become better by giving them fresh tips every day. Here are good kitchen habits the Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid can adopt asap:


Clean the kitchen area before everything else.
Organize the area as much as possible before cooking. The Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid must wash the kitchen utensils first on the sink before cooking, sanitize the countertop before laying the ingredients, and clear away every clutter as much as possible. This is to avoid the food from being contaminated and for more efficient cooking.


Use a garbage bowl.
It’s always tempting to peel an onion over the garbage bin, but can you imagine the germs surrounding the garbage bin’s radius? When it comes to peeling and cutting leaves, the Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid must make it a habit to prepare a ‘garbage bowl’ where she can collect her scraps, peelings, and garbage to clear the table from trash. The most important thing about the garbage bowl is that it can be carried near the helper and it saves unnecessary trips to the trash can. The live-in maid can avoid clutter on the cooking area by using a garbage bowl from now on.


Implement Wash as You Go
Leaving the pan unwashed on the sink is so tempting especially when we’re in a hurry to eat. However, soaking the dishes for a long time encourages bacteria growth. This is why the Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid must make it habit to wash the kitchen utensils after the cooking is over. She may choose to wipe the dishes dry immediately, but the best and cleanest way to do so is by air drying it. The family may also want to establish the rule “Wash as you go” for every member to follow. This way, the used coffee cup wouldn’t have to sit on the sink and wait for the live-in maid to wash it!


Keep a kitchen towel close.
Before the Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid starts cooking, she must make sure to tuck a kitchen towel on her apron, so she can just reach for it to wipe her hands, dry the knife, and touch hot pans. Since towels are always in contact with moisture and different surfaces, the live-in maid must ready different towels for cooking raw meat and other ingredients. When cooking, cleaning, and drying, the kitchen towel is your friend through and through.

Read the recipe book in advance.
For beginners like the Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid, learning how to cook Chinese food is made possible by having recipe books. Most of us think that we can cook on the spot without reading the recipe book in advance but reviewing the recipe steps will actually make cooking more successful. The live-in maid must always take a moment to read it in advance or even study it. She may miss an ingredient or skip to blanch this and that. Reviewing the recipe book will prevent cooking disasters to happen, save your time, and will prevent too much food waste.


Rest the spatula away from the pan.
The Indonesian Maid | Filipino Maid | Myanmar Maid should remove the spatula from the pot when not in use. Notice how the tips of spoons and spatula are often chipped or discoloured because we leave it to burn on the pan. It’s time to break this bad habit and let the spatula rest away from the stove. Aside from that, putting the spoon on the heated pan for a long time may cause an accident since anyone may accidentally snag on it. The next time the helper is cooking, she must ready an empty clean can or tall mugs to rest her spoons and spatula into.


Consider hiring a maid to maintain a tidy household environment. Eden Grace Maids Agency offers manpower help that can carry out your family’s daily organizing and household chores routines. You wouldn’t have to worry about your household chores when you have someone trained and taught to take care of your household burdens!


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