Getting Help: Newborn Care

You’re now blessed with your firstborn! But as a new mom, you have fears and inhibitions for your baby. Being a mother requires expertise and a lot of knowledge especially when he or she is your first child. We came up with a list of people you can inquire in your times of uncertainty and need of advice.


Medical Specialists – Giving birth in a hospital has perks. One of these is that you can have access to experts who can help you handle your newborn. There are feeding specialist or lactation consultants in many hospitals. Mothers can freely ask from the information desks for such personnel to help you with nursing or bottle-feeding of your babies. Also, you can tap nurses who can show you the procedures on how to hold, burp, change, and care for your baby. It can be time to ask the professionals in this area of expertise.


The In-home Nurses – Some working mothers need to come back to work weeks or days after the gave birth. As an option, in-home nurses can help you with your child. You may hire one of them while you are away from home. Doctors usually have knowledge on how to find in-home help or they can even refer you to the best home health agencies.

Experienced Nannies – Agencies offer nanny services that can help you in handling your newborn. Experienced nannies can have these kinds of experiences in their past employers. There is also a large possibility that they are mothers too! We say, “Experience is the best teacher” therefore, we can freely rely on the professional nannies your agency can offer. If we consider this, we better ask the nannies, themselves, during the interview.


Relatives and Friends – If we are hesitant to consult or ask help from strangers, then, we can consider asking help from our close relatives or friends with kids. Not only that we can communicate to them anytime casually but they can also have their own personal tips and experiences that they can share to you as a new mom. They can also easily sympathize with you because of the kind of relationship you are sharing.

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