Singapore being a developed nation with high employment rate, high standard cost of living and its people are busier today than ever before – strained to the perimeter by work, school, parenting, and elder care tasks; somehow, for many reasons, it is a practical decision to hire a maid. Imagine coming back from a frenzied day at the office and watching at a mass of undone chores. Now, this would not have transpired if there was someone at home during your time off to fulfill these errands for you. Maids can sometimes be labelled as pillars of a family, where working individuals depend on them to make sure that the chores go on a regular basis.


For couples who are just starting their families; welcoming a new born baby and are both working; and even for families who needs pet care,   hiring a stay-in maid would be a more affordable option.  Some families instead of bringing their children to a Child Care Centre can depend on their maid who can attend intensively to the needs of their children. By having someone whom they can trust, they can have more of life’s most valuable commodity time.


Nowadays, Singaporeans, hire a maid to provide care for their elderly family members. Taking care of an elderly parent can be very strenuous, especially when people have to juggle work obligations and children. The work includes preparing meals, accompanying them for walks and exercise or taking them for their check-up, helping them to take their medicine and assist them in their bath time. Getting a maid is a great help to put the family members mind at ease.


Employing a maid in maid agency in Singapore has become an option for Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents considering the mounting work and business cycle and the need for someone to efficiently run the chores is necessary. There are 227,100 Foreign Domestic Workers on Work Permit as of June 2015, ( from  neighbouring countries such as Philippines, Indonesian, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Bangladesh. Foreign domestic workers have become a necessity rather than an extravagance. Domestic helpers or popularly known as Maids, how can we live without them? Their presence in every family is pretty unmistakable.