Yu Sheng: Food for Good luck in Chinese New Year

With the Chinese New Year coming up, traditional Chinese New Year dishes are the star of the dining table. These different Chinese New Year dishes bring wishes of good luck and prosperity in the family for the New Year. From dumplings to sticky rice, to fruits, and noodles for longevity, one famous Chinese New Year dish that is only prepared and eaten on New Year’s Day is Yu Sheng. It is a dish consists of varying dishes: raw fish (mackerel or salmon), shredded vegetables (radish and cucumber), and a combination of sweet sauces and sesame oil. There are also other ingredients that adds flavour and color to the dish. Each ingredient is associated with luck and prosperity to whoever eats it. Before eating it, people in the family mix it and toss it while saying messages of good luck and prosperity.


The Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid can prepare and cook this meal for her employer. In this quick and simple steps, the live in maid can put this dish together in time for Chinese New Year.

Video courtesy by Plated Asia


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