Filipino maids are Highly Adaptable in different culture and even in difficult situations.

Motor Skills

Filipino maids are Good in Motor Skills which help in work flexibility and co-ordination.


Filipino maids are good in Hygiene which is important for infant, child and eldercare.

Command in English

Filipino Maids have a Good Command in English which helps a lot in communication.

Relational People

Filipino maids are Highly Relational People who are known for their heartfelt concern, nurturing spirit and caring touch for infant, child and care.

Adjustment of Filipino Maids

Filipino maids are relational and feels approved when appreciated.

Where do our Filipino Maid come from?

Most of our Filipino Maids come from Northern Luzon who has a reputation of being hardworking and thrifty. And Western Visayas who has a reputation of being gentle and submissive.