Factors that Build One’s Character

A character is something that is not inherent when we were born but can be developed by different important factors as we grow up. For an Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid living and working away from home, having a good character deeply contributes to her working attitude in Singapore. For some, a character is a collection of values and traits that makes up a person. It is all the qualities of a person combined and sums up a person’s character. Furthermore, each character is unique because we have different environment and struggles.


What builds character in a person? Is it exhibited or is it made out of life’s crisis? Here are some points that the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid needs to remember in order to build her character.


One’s character is built in suffering.
Notice how people who have been through a lot can withstand difficult challenges in life. It is because rough times and life problems build their character. Life without suffering teaches us nothing and doesn’t change us for the better. It’s just the same when it comes to the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid’s life struggles. Life isn’t always in the live-in maid’s way. There are times when they would miss their loved ones while working in Singapore, commit a mistake and get reprimanded—all of these are part of strengthening them as a worker and as a person. So, the next time the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid works away again, she knows her limitations, bringing with the lesson she has already learned in her previous experiences.


Suffering is also a twin of hard work. Whatever responsibilities the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid is assigned to—childcare, infant care, or elderly care, there is no shortcut to finishing the contract! The only way is to go through it! The suffering may not make sense for a short time, but later in life, she would know that her suffering is to bring her to new heights.


One’s character is influenced by people.
There is an old saying “If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.” This speaks about the people we surround ourselves with since they contribute to our character development. When we were young, our families teach us the values we carry until we’re old. Later, kids will go to school and their teachers would try to teach them the right conduct. After years, we try to find a sense of belongingness from good or bad peers.


Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid should choose their friends in Singapore wisely. Primarily, because they push us to either become better or worse. We blend and soak up the characteristics of the group of people we spend most of our time with. Later in life, we see that they have become a part of building our character. The live-in maid in Singapore must treasure their families and hold to relationships that cultivate the virtue of love, patience, and perseverance!

One’s character is built when we allow circumstances to mould us.
Do embarrassing memories just occur to you sometimes and you just feel a wave of goosebumps on your body? The outbursts, the overreactions, wrong decisions—don’t mind them that much. Having something to regret is a sign of character development. It means you have learned something day by day and you know how to handle the same situation again in the future. The Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid must remember that character development happens gradually and not overnight. Through time, we learn skills and gain positive traits only when we allow circumstances to change us positively.


One day, the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid tried to sneak out of the house to meet her friend when the employer is away. Employer finds out later and reprimanded the helper! It would be a little difficult for her employer to trust her again, however, the live-in maid would more likely learn her lesson and try her best to gain employer’s trust. The Filipino maid / Indonesian maid used the circumstance to teach her a lesson, changing her for the better instead of quitting.


One’s character is built through sacrifice.
For some, sacrifice is walking out of the long years of toxic friendship. For others, it’s quitting smoking to live longer. For others, it’s living thriftily to see her children finish education. For Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid in Singapore, the sacrifice is being away from their family and living in a new country and cope on its new culture. The key is to create a better character by leaving the person we’re once before. She could be a little afraid to try something new before or too cozy at home to leave her family behind. Sacrificing comfort is a way of building the Indonesian maid | Filipino maid | Myanmar maid’s character. To create something better, we strip away, get rid of the hindrance, and sacrifice. It’s a necessary part of growth!


Building one’s character is a life-long journey composed of 4 main factors which are sacrifice, willingness to change, struggles, and the people around you. As long as we are willing to change for the better, there is always room for growth!

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