Effective Household Management with an Indonesian Maid

You may have heard about the perks of choosing a maid from a different race. Changes in your household once you committed on having a maid will inevitable occur. The transition is a quite different process that you must cope with. If you’re considering an Indonesian maid for your household, here are the lists of changes to expect and how to handle them.


Communication will make any relationship work. The agency have indeed trained them but we must keep in mind that communication is still the key to have a harmonious relationship between the employer and the maid. To start a work in the house with an Indonesian maid, it is important to use a simple language because some maids have a difficulty understanding difficult phrases, instructions or words that they don’t often hear in their original places. If we, ourselves, have a difficulty expressing ourselves in simple language, then we can explain instructions to her through physical gestures or somehow acting out the work for a few times until she gets it.


Personally train her to manage your household for a few weeks after she gets hired. In this way, you can make sure that she’s doing things in a way that you want. Set her schedule in compliment with yours for an effective work. You also need to supervise her in the beginning of her work especially when you’re planning to leave your children under her care. Observe her first so you can be at ease when it comes to your maid who takes care of your child.


We must keep in mind that there are a lot of differences between two cultures. Let us admit that there are practices in their culture that we don’t know about. It also the same when it comes to us. Whichever the case, it is important to orient her about the things she doesn’t know in a Chinese home. This is a crucial part of the transition. Both the employer and the maid might undergo culture shock. It also brings us back to the communication part of the transition. Culture greatly affects the way we communicate. Some phrases or gestures can be offensive for another culture. We have to avoid misunderstanding. Make sure to check if your maid understood your instructions.


Make sure she’s comfortable. Your house is her new home. When you require her to work for you fulltime, make sure that she’s alright with the place she’s staying in a welcoming place. Respect her privacy and make sure her room is clean and cozy enough for her rest. Keep in mind that a happy maid is an efficient maid. If she’s happy with your provisions as an employer, she will more likely to try her best not to disappoint you when it comes to work.


Give her a schedule. You have your own rules in your house. With this fact, you also have your own schedule when it comes to chores. There some things you want to be done before the sun sets. An Indonesian maid might take time to understand and get used to your instructions. If there are too many things to learn and everything are too hard to absorb, the best way to make things work is to give her a schedule. This will include the things you want her to do and what time should she do it. This will make stuff easier for both of you.

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It will take time for both of you to adjust but for a trained Indonesian maid from Eden Grace Maids Agency, everything will be easier once you follow these tips.

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