DOs and DON’Ts of Preparing a Nursery Room

One of the greatest moments of a couple’s life is welcoming the addition of a new baby to their family. New parents are often excited in shopping for baby clothes and setting up a very creative nursery room, making sure everything is properly set up for the baby. However, this is also the time to be most careful of the elements we choose for our little one’s nursery room.


Find out the DOs and DON’Ts in building your kid’s nursery room.


1. Do use VOC-free paints.
Some paints have this chemical called VOC which dissipates and emits bad fumes that can cause lung diseases to your child. Before picking up your paint brush to achieve the color palette you chose, make sure you bought the “Low-VOC” or “VOC-free” brands of paints. These paints are organic-based and more eco-friendly.


2. Don’t use pressed-wood products.
We need to have some furniture where we can put the baby’s clothes and toys. The cheap products we see in the market are often made up of pressed-wood like plywood, particle board, and medium density fibreboard. These kind of furniture contains formaldehyde—a carcinogen that may cause headaches, asthma, and skin irritation. The solid-wood furniture can be expensive but it is the better option.


There are, however, eco-friendly brands of pressed-wood furniture that try to meet the formaldehyde-free limits and are safe to use.


One of the best ways to also save your child from harmful chemicals is buying old furniture. Furniture undergo off-gassing in its first year after it was made, but we must also be careful not to choose the antique ones that may not meet modern safety standards.

3. Do use eco-friendly toys
Yes, you can go green in choosing your baby’s toys! Choose toys that are made up of materials like organic cotton, sustainable bamboo, and responsibly sourced wood. Plastic toys may look colourful and nice but it contains phthalates which becomes a bad intake to human bodies, especially when the baby tries to put it into his mouth. We must also be careful not to let our children touch the toys that contain poisonous toxins like lead.


4. Don’t use harmful chemicals in cleaning.
Cleaning the nursery room should be regular, safe, and most of all, free from harmful chemicals. As much as possible, choose organic way of cleaning the nursery room:
Clean lamps, crib, and furniture using microfiber cloths.
Windows and windowsills can be washed through 50/50 vinegar and water solution.
Hand pillows and mattress pads can be exposed under the sun for 2-3 hours to kills bacteria.
Check out more ways of organic cleaning in the web.


We can choose to hit two birds with one stone by being eco-friendly and being baby-friendly at the same time! This is the best time to go green and to take advantage of the eco-friendly products that are becoming widely available these days!


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