Maximizing your Flat’s Small Space with your Domestic Helper

The family is not getting any younger. The children are now twice their size and their stuff is multiplying as they grow old. The once cozy flat you moved in is now spatially challenged and, somehow, it’s difficult to move around anymore. Not to mention, the domestic helper has occupied the spare room in the house. Don’t worry, it’s time to make positive changes at home with the help of your Filipino maid | Indonesian maid | Myanmar maid.


Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore would like to give some tips to maximize your flat’s limited space. Create the little changes together with your helper!


Tips to maximize space in your small flat:
1. Make use of vertical space.
We don’t usually place household stuff in spaces above eye level. Utilize the vertical space in your small apartment by mounting up bookcases and cabinets. How about asking the Filipino maid or Indonesian maid to help you hang file folders just above the office desk? Always think vertical because it works!
Every now and then, employers would like to make some major changes in their flats. Maybe, it’s time for installing shelves from the ceiling and choose tall furniture instead choosing the bulky horizontal ones.


2. Choose your decorations.
Lighter theme
Switch to a monochromatic light theme for your small apartment. Brighter walls make the room look bigger and wider. Include pastel color themes in your palette list for more colorful options!
Mirrors aren’t expensive and it has a lot of good uses. Consider getting a large mirror facing your window to illuminate the dark small bedroom that you have. However, remind your Indonesian maid or Filipino maid to always wipe it clean since it easily gathers dirt.


3. Hide your storage.
No space in the cabinets and closets anymore? Or putting the storage out in the open just looks ugly? If you happen to sleep in a high-legged bed, the Indonesian maid or Filipino maid can turn the space under your bed into a storage space. Just find the right boxes that fit in the space under your bed.

4. Declutter often.
Place settings for 12
If you’re the kind of sociable person who wants to throw parties at home, then it’s not surprising that you have a lot of plates and utensils in the kitchen. But to save space, it is just wise to keep your porcelains in the cupboard to minimize clutter. We suggest that your Indonesian maid or Filipino maid bring out 12 plates for normal day use. This way, you can save space, and you prevent unwashed dishes from piling up.
Keep the seasonal clothes somewhere
We all have that group of clothes we don’t wear often. Those are the princess costume your girl wore on her recital day and the wool jacket you had for a winter holiday overseas. Find a place to store away those seasonal clothes or donate some of them!


5. Create zones.
This is most effective in studio flats. When there’s no wall to divide spaces, the live-in Indonesian maid or live-in Filipino maid can put up curtains! A living room that needs to share with the dining room, for example, can be separated through silk curtains or bookshelves. Brainstorm with your maid on what kind of curtain fits your house.


We hope these tips work! Work with your domestic helper to make your flat spacious.


Consider hiring a maid to maintain a tidy household environment. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers manpower help that can carry out your family’s daily organizing and household chores routines. You wouldn’t have to worry about your household chores when you have someone trained and taught to take care of your household burdens!

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