Respected Live in Caregiver and Live in Nurse

Eden Grace Maids Agency ensure that your loved ones are provided with all the care they need by hiring a trained and qualified Live in nurse and certified Live in caregiver. Eden Grace Maids Agency is one of the trusted agencies for elder care and live in nurses, we strive in helping our clients find a dependable caregiver to care for their elderly relatives. All our medical personnel are certified live in caregivers , registered nurses or graduated in nursing with experience, who are well trained to their expertise.  Unlike regular maid, live in caregiver and nurses are fully trained in tending to needs of elderly and sickly persons. They also provide all the help their patients need as the same to a regular housemaid such as cooking and cleaning as well as provide companionship and monitoring of their health status.

Enjoy peace of mind when you hire a live in nurse

There are a lot of advantages in hiring a private nurse to live with your elder. As a qualified medical professional, the caregiver should be able to provide quality care to elderly persons especially to those with serious health conditions or disabilities. By getting an elderly care maid also means that you don’t need to worry about your loved ones being left alone at home or being lonely as the nurse is always around to look after them and to provide companionship and support whenever they needed it.  Our Live in Nurses and Live in caregivers are able to administer quality care to people with serious health conditions or disabilities and are well versed in providing assistance in a medical emergency

Discover the Eden Grace Maids Agency difference

When you choose to hire a live in nurse from Eden Grace Maid Agency, you are providing yourself a peace of mind when you are away or at work and not only that, your loved one will received an exceptional level of care and will be provided an access to social elderly community through our links with qualified centres in Singapore. Your elder will be able to enjoy numerous indoor and outdoor activities and has the chance to socialize with people from their age group. Our goal is to get them involved in programs that promote healthy lifestyle and to keep them physically and mentally well.