All Around Housemaid

Every Filipino maid and Indonesian maid have their own preference and not all of them are multitask. Depending on their background and experience, some may be good with childcare, infant care or eldercare while some are more for housework and cooking. It is important to specify your requirements and ensure that she is comfortable in accepting your expectations before deciding on her. Our housemaids are selected based on different needs of the employers. New helpers come mainly from the province with a reputation for being hardworking and thrifty. They have a strong determination to learn and work despite being new to the place. They are most suitable for employers who are looking for new housemaids without working experience abroad but who are willing to learn. We also select housemaids with experience abroad or in their home country with good employment history. Usually they are most suitable for busy employers who need dependable housemaids without having to do much coaching.

Eden Grace Maids do Personal Interview

We do not accept any applicants without having a face to face interview with them. During interviews, careful observations are made to access their ability in English and understanding of common sense questions as well as their attitude during the whole process of selection.