Debunking Five Common Live-in Nanny Myths

Surely, some first-time employers would look up ‘nanny experiences’ on google before finally deciding to get one. Hesitations often come from the horrible nanny experiences surfacing on forums, Facebook, etc. Unfortunately, some things we see online, good or bad stories, are just exaggerated and over-dramatized. There can be true stories, half-true stories, and lies floating around and the least we can do is to be critical about the info we’re reading.


Here are five nanny myths you may be guilty of thinking right now and the reality of it. If you have dilemmas about hiring a live-in nanny to take care of your kids, we hope this list could help you decide on what to do next!


Myth No. 1: Live-in nanny only watch TV with the child all day.
Children especially 5 years old and below, loves to watch television and hang around indoors. Somehow, parents and nannies let this happen because kids can just be entertained, sitting down and glue their eyes on the television without being exposed to danger. This gives parents the idea that nannies only sit around with the kids all day. However, responsible live-in nanny know she must be involved in the child’s upbringing and development. The live-in nanny needs to introduce learning in the form of playing, reading story books, or even healthily answering the kid’s curiosity questions as a part of her job. In addition, the live-in nanny needs to make sure the child is clean and well-fed all the time.


Myth No. 2: It’s impossible to find a good nanny.
Hiring the wrong people several times made the employers doubtful about ultimately finding a reliable nanny. Finding a live-in nanny who knows what your child needs and can pacify him might be a difficult process but it’s not impossible. With adequate experience, ample time of adjustment, and good training, we can turn our ordinary employee to a helpful live-in nanny we need. Eden Grace Maids Agency is an agency which upholds quality selection in recruitment of live-in nannies. We will help you narrow down your list of nanny choices until you find the one that matches your needs.


Myth No. 3: Children will love their live-in nannies more than their parents.
We hire a live-in nanny to ensure our child’s safety, to become the extension of us for our children, and to make sure their needs are met even when we’re not around. It’s a common misconception that kids will love their live-in nanny more than their parents because they spend more time with them. Employers in Singapore wouldn’t have to worry about losing their kids’ love as long as they still spend enough time with them. The awesome fact that would comfort parents is we employed a live-in nanny to raise the child alongside with them and not to replace us. Because child care is teamwork, too! In fact, it’s actually a good sign when kids shows love to their live-in nanny, it simply means they are well-taken off and the nanny is an effective care provider.

Myth No. 4: We don’t need to manage anything because the nanny will do it for us.
The reality is, after we get the ‘good live-in nanny’ for us, we still need to manage her, coach her, and train her all throughout her contract in Singapore. The child care situation in the beginning of the contract may change from time to time and this is why employers should be there to monitor and oversee these changes. It would take some effort to maintain our good relationship with our live-in nanny, and it would take some effort to get to know our child as he or she grows up. We just have to accept that the live-in nanny we hired, no matter how trustworthy she is, cannot decide everything on her own.


Myth No. 5: Live-in nannies are only for the wealthy.
Media has sensationalized hiring a nanny as something the tycoons can only do. In contrary to that popular belief, most parents need one especially when both are working to raise the family. Sometimes, because of our jobs’ demands, we forget to check on their health, their academics, and their growth. This can result to something worse and may cost us something more than the price of hiring a nanny. When it comes to our children’s safety and welfare, every penny is worth spending.


The family’s health and safety should be the top priority. Eden Grace Maids Agency offers maid|nanny services which will help us secure our children’s safety when we’re not around. The choice to hire a live-in nanny|maid who can take care of the tiring household chores and things we cannot handle on our own will definitely be a plus point!


Please contact us for a fuss-free consultation with our unique personal screenings of our maids. Eden Grace Maids Agency looks forward to serving you!

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