[{"post_title":"Jocelyn @ 08\/16\/2018 03:03","post_name":"jocelyn-08162018-0303","post_content":"Victoria from Eden Grace was very helpful and prompt in her service. She readily answers all our queries and also gave us constructive advice. The company's policy of going online securely for documents also save us the hassle of travelling to and fro to the agency to get documents done.","post_date":"2018-08-16 03:03:59","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Jocelyn"},{"post_title":"Mrs Swee @ 07\/20\/2018 09:30","post_name":"mrs-swee-07202018-0930","post_content":"Thank you for the efficient and professional service from Eden Grace. Openness and transparent about the skills and attitude of transfer helper is important in the selection process. The whole experience has been pleasant and anyone looking for service and those looking for agencies , you can consider them.","post_date":"2018-07-20 09:30:19","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Mrs Swee"},{"post_title":"Cheryl K @ 07\/18\/2018 06:36","post_name":"cheryl-k-07182018-0636","post_content":"They have a wide database and are very quick in shortlisting helpers that suit my requirements. I was able to find a suitable helper fast. Alice was particularly helpful in selecting the right helper for my needs.\r\nGenerally the whole team are helpful, friendly and approachable and focus on a holistic approach.\r\nI highly recommend this agency.","post_date":"2018-07-19 09:11:47","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Cheryl K"},{"post_title":"Gwen Ho @ 07\/03\/2018 10:50","post_name":"gwen-ho-07032018-1050","post_content":"I would really like to thank Eden Grace for being so professional, efficient and responsive especially Julie and team @ Bukit Merah. She would listen to my concerns and was really patient and reassuring. She helped to coordinate with the paper work and MOM to ensure the transition and retention of my current helper. I am thankful to Eden Grace for helping my helper to settle down in her duties as well as the fun and meaningful monthly activities planned for them at your centre. Excellent service!","post_date":"2018-07-04 09:09:53","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Gwen Ho"},{"post_title":"Daryl Teng @ 05\/03\/2018 12:44","post_name":"daryl-teng-05032018-1244","post_content":"I am impressed by the excellent service provided by Eden Grace. Prompt replies to my questions. Assuring throughout the process of getting the maid. Thanks, Chris, Victoria and team.","post_date":"2018-05-03 12:44:55","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Daryl Teng"},{"post_title":"","post_name":"3734","post_content":"EA has been very professional and upfront with us on the application process, service fees etc. EA is reachable and responsive by whatsapp. She is experienced and very willing to share her experience and manage expectations for both ourselves and the helper. EA was prompt with shortlisting alternative potential helper candidates after our initial selected choice changed her mind. process was straightforward and clear. EA has been very upfront and reassuring. Good follow-through every step of the process.","post_date":"2018-04-16 10:26:20","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Diana"},{"post_title":"","post_name":"3733","post_content":"The EA made it a point to ensure my concerns were addressed and she always got back to me promptly. The CV of the helper seems to meet our requirements. EA was proactive in assisting us in finding a suitable helper. I also like the location of the office and EA's hospitality. I think EA's hospitality stands out. I have experienced other agencies where conditions are crowded and rushed.","post_date":"2018-04-16 10:15:10","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Cyrel"},{"post_title":"Good Service","post_name":"good-service","post_content":"They were helpful and were able to attend my concern. Efficient, professional, punctual, friendly & warm. Good system ensuring helper is fully informed & responsible for working here.","post_date":"2018-04-16 09:45:15","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Janice"},{"post_title":"Rosalyn Peng @ 02\/05\/2018 03:46","post_name":"rosalyn-peng-02052018-0346","post_content":"This is a unique agency that treats its customers and maids with great respect and integrity. Excellent service delivery by Victoria and Team. Every staff is approachable and forthcoming. The agency makes the effort to look into the well-being of the maid and provides adequate support to ensure that the employer & maid relationship has a good head start and that the employer's expectations are duly met. I know that I can rely on the agency to provide assistance throughout the contract period and that they will put in every effort to ensure that both me & my maid are one of their many many HAPPY Customers :)\r\nThank You, Eden Grace (Mdm Susan, Ms Victoria & Ms Snuki)\r\nKeep up the wonderful work you have done. You have touched many lives.\r\nGod bless everyone.","post_date":"2018-02-23 15:47:38","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Rosalyn Peng"},{"post_title":"Serena @ 12\/10\/2017 03:31","post_name":"serena-12102017-0331","post_content":"Thanks Victoria and team for the prompt service and guidance in helping me choose the right helper... I will definitely highly recommend your service to my friends","post_date":"2017-12-14 13:09:07","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Serena"},{"post_title":"Tan Say Beng @ 11\/15\/2017 06:01","post_name":"tan-say-beng-11152017-0601","post_content":"Very happy with the service provided by Victoria and colleagues. Will highly recommend Eden Grace to others.","post_date":"2017-11-15 14:23:31","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Tan Say Beng"},{"post_title":"Sharon Tay @ 11\/03\/2017 02:52","post_name":"sharon-tay-11032017-0252","post_content":"Efficient, professional and reliable. The experience in recruitment was pleasant.","post_date":"2017-11-03 11:04:21","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Sharon Tay"},{"post_title":"Mr Chin @ 10\/30\/2017 02:48","post_name":"mr-chin-10302017-0248","post_content":"Eden Grace was recomended by another person. I find the service prompt and EA mange to answer my queries patiently. They are able to explain the application process and fees to me and provide the relevant information. The EA is helpful and even replies in evenings to assist me. The EA tries to help me when connecting to the overseas FDW for interview. They also allow me to come to the office on Saturday to interview the potential FDW. The EA was able to find a FDW within the timeline that I have and recommend one with experience. The EA is also able to settle any doubts from the FDW. They are patient and able to help me in getting a FDW that meets my need within a short timeframe. When I was stuck with a lot of administrative documents, they are kind enough to allow me to settle them at the agency.","post_date":"2017-10-30 10:50:09","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Mr Chin"},{"post_title":"Grace @ 10\/28\/2017 02:29","post_name":"grace-10282017-0229","post_content":"I found Eden Grace EA online. What attracted me at first was that it is a Christian agency and looks after the welfare of both the helper and the employer. I felt very comfortable and assured when speaking with their staff over the phone, and was confident to select my helper even without meeting the Eden Grace EA staff. Many thanks to Victoria and the rest of the staff for all their assistance throughout the whole process, not only making it hassle free but with promptness and integrity. Thank you!","post_date":"2017-10-30 10:49:40","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Grace"},{"post_title":"Li San @ 06\/22\/2017 10:25","post_name":"li-san-06222017-1025","post_content":"Eden Grace is an EA that goes the extra mile with their service. I was about to board a 7 hour flight back to Singapore, when I got a message that my helper missed her flight back coming back from home leave. I reached out to Eden Grace for help, and by the time I touched down, everything was settled. My helper had gotten help from the Philippines staff who travelled to the airport to assist with her flight booking back. I strongly recommend Eden Grace to anyone looking for an agency that you could trust, and especially Ms Chris Wong who is professional and truly cares for her clients!","post_date":"2017-06-27 15:50:51","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Li San"},{"post_title":"Shaun Lee @ 06\/27\/2017 07:48","post_name":"shaun-lee-06272017-0748","post_content":"Eden Grace were professional, trustworthy and efficient. Professionalism in its operations surpasses all the other agencies which we have dealt with. Their documents\/contract and fee breakdown are presented in a clear and upfront way which is easily understood. Their staff is patient, polite always made time to answer all our questions. They never brushed us off the phone, even though they were busy.","post_date":"2017-06-27 07:48:10","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Shaun Lee"},{"post_title":"Eden grace support","post_name":"eden-grace-support","post_content":"Eden grace is very detailed. Good and provide great support\/advice in common issues. They are prompt and very professional. I feel great support as an employer of fdw, a commitment to help make the relationship work in my household, makes eden grace different from other agency.","post_date":"2017-03-29 13:35:09","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Winnie"},{"post_title":"eden grace service","post_name":"eden-grace-service-3","post_content":"Eden Grace is very detailed and comprehensive about their application process and fees. They are very good, prompt reply and a good system to set up WhatsApp chat group to keep everyone in the loop. I would like to recommend Eden grace to all because of their culture and good experience passed on from management to staff and to the domestic helper. What makes Eden Grace different from other agency, they have good service and support system for the helpers and also the positive culture that sets Eden grace apart. Keep up the good work and make a difference in the lives of the staff and domestic helpers coming to Singapore to work.","post_date":"2017-02-14 15:07:12","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Sean"},{"post_title":"Eden Grace Service","post_name":"eden-grace-service-2","post_content":"Eden grace is very organized. They also customized and searched based on our requirements. Other agencies give us a whole stack of profiles to look through.<\/span>","post_date":"2017-01-18 10:17:06","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Joanne"},{"post_title":"Eden grace management","post_name":"eden-grace-management","post_content":"Eden grace is the most professional EA I have met. What makes Eden grace different from other agencies, their video interview, high-quality candidates and very good management system.","post_date":"2017-01-12 15:41:02","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Mr Wang"},{"post_title":"Eden Grace Service","post_name":"eden-grace-service","post_content":"I want to recommend eden grace to all because they are very helpful. Eden Grace is informative, transparent and clear. I like the supportive network provided by eden grace for helpers and employers.","post_date":"2017-01-10 09:39:40","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Gerald"},{"post_title":"What Makes Eden Grace Different from other Agency?","post_name":"what-makes-eden-grace-different-from-other-agency","post_content":"Personal selection of maids in home country by boss to ensure quality, easy selection process of maid through online profile and youtube videos, easy to arrange for skype interviews, efficient agents who are also helpful. - This makes Eden Grace different from other agencies.","post_date":"2017-01-07 11:13:25","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Kia Pei"},{"post_title":"Ng Sin @ 01\/03\/2017 02:30","post_name":"ng-sin-01032017-0230","post_content":"It's a Christian maid agency with an innovative and useful Sunday Church program.","post_date":"2017-01-03 02:30:17","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Ng Sin"},{"post_title":"Eden Grace cares for their clients not only for their candidates.","post_name":"eden-grace-cares-for-their-clients-not-only-for-their-candidates","post_content":"Eden Grace cares for their clients not only for their candidates. They are highly reliable & more importantly, they lives by integrity throughout the process. You are assured that there won't be surprises along the way because there is trust & transparency. Eden grace was very thorough in explaining to us the entire process & what it entails. We appreciate how we are guided at every step by clear instructions. They are also proactive in reaching out to us to prepare us for what's next. The agent is very approachable, we can message her anytime we have a question & she's very quick to reply and give her advice. After one phone call to share about our family, our needs & challenges with her, she already able to recommend FDW that suits our family.","post_date":"2016-12-10 14:01:24","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Toni T"},{"post_title":"Service provided by Eden Grace","post_name":"service-provided-by-eden-grace","post_content":"I am quite satisfied with the service provided by Eden Grace. They explain all the process clearly and the documents are concise. They are very helpful when I needed advice or help. They are also adequate in finding a helper that meet my needs. I would like to recommend Eden Grace to all.","post_date":"2016-12-08 09:56:38","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"liang A"},{"post_title":"Eden grace goes the extra mile","post_name":"eden-grace-goes-the-extra-mile","post_content":"I would like to thank Eden Grace for their help in getting my helper and for the support they have provided even after she's been with us. I have been very impressed with Susan and Sunny's personal attention to detail. Ensuring assistance not just for employer but for the helper as well. If not for Susan's counsel and with encouragement from my helper's cell group whom she meets with on Sunday we would have to let her go due to some misunderstanding. I personally like the fact that Eden grace goes the extra mile to organize outings, weekly sunday meetings. I see that my helper has made friends in a wholesome way and she is growing as a person and in walk with God. I am please to recommend Eden Grace for they are exceptional! They know the girls personally and truly care for their welfare.","post_date":"2016-12-06 16:06:27","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Amanda"},{"post_title":"Wanted to thank Eden Grace","post_name":"wanted-to-thank-eden-grace","post_content":"Wanted to thank Eden Grace as well for helping us out when we had issue with existing maid agency (Maid Power). I must say Eden Grace had integrity, honest and look after the welfare of customer. They are not like the agency we had previously which were the complete opposite. Thank you Eden Grace.","post_date":"2016-12-05 15:49:23","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"James K"},{"post_title":"Pleased with Eden Grace services","post_name":"pleased-with-eden-grace-services","post_content":"I was very pleased with Eden Grace services because back then when I was hunting for a helper urgently to replace the current one. Eden grace was able to understand my requirements and make a good suggestion. I especially like the part where they organize activities for the helpers on their day off day., this bring the helpers closer and minimize the chance of them wondering around Singapore. For new helpers, they have buddy team to bring the helper from where they are to the church during off day which is very thoughtful of them. During their church service, they repeatedly remind them that comparing with other helpers are discouraged since all employer are different. I personally thank Eden Grace for all the assistance they rendered and I would recommend them to my friends and colleagues.","post_date":"2016-12-03 13:10:43","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Josephine"},{"post_title":"Eden Grace value added services","post_name":"eden-grace-value-added-services","post_content":"Eden Grace was able to understand my requirements and make the good suggestion. I've my helper for coming 3 months she is settling well with Eden Grace value added services like home visit and be there to assist the helpers when they needed help. I especially like the part where they organize activities for the helper on their off day, this brings the helpers closer and minimize the chance of them wandering around Singapore.","post_date":"2016-11-30 15:16:17","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Emily chan"},{"post_title":"Eden Grace Commitment","post_name":"eden-grace-commitment","post_content":"Eden Grace has been very committed to helping the domestic helpers. They continued to stay in touch with the helpers by organising weekly Sunday service at the church. They also organise cooking classes and other courses to help upgrade their skills set. It really helps them to have a focus and spend a more meaningful off day. Hope Eden Grace can continue to grow, and help the domestic helpers learn and grow in their time in Singapore.","post_date":"2016-11-29 13:37:22","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Wong Shir Yi"},{"post_title":"Sharon @ 11\/28\/2016 04:47","post_name":"sharon-11282016-0447","post_content":"I\u2019m very skeptical in having domestic helper due to negative feedback\/experience from friends and forums. However, I came to know Eden Grace from an exhibition fair which changes my mind of getting one. Eden Grace specially interview, select & train the helpers. They even helped me to choose the right helper that suitable for my family needs. But the main reason for choosing Eden Grace is the extra efforts they put in to guide & help the domestic helper throughout their employment here. They arrange Sunday service & monthly outings for my helper which makes me feel that my helper is well taken care of especially it\u2019s her first time working overseas whereby she has adapted to new culture & environment. With these arrangements, I find that she is able to perform better on her job & has positive attitude. She has good guidance & good mix of friends with the aid of Eden Grace\u2019s Sunday programme.","post_date":"2016-11-28 04:47:53","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Sharon"},{"post_title":"Good Maid Agency Service","post_name":"good-maid-agency-service","post_content":"It\u2019s my 1st time employing a domestic helper through an agency, and I\u2019m blessed that I found Eden Grace. Eden grace has provided my family and I an excellent support- from interviewing and documentation, to following up even after we brought our helper home through a visit to our home to ensure that both us and the helper are setting well. Unlike other agencies, all domestic helpers under Eden Grace are all carefully selected and personally interviewed. Besides, they are more than willing to share their experience to new employer like myself, on tips how to handle maids and build relationship with them. One key difference in Eden Grace that I would like to highlight is they have church programme specially organized for their helpers to give us, the employer, and a peace of mind during their off-days. Besides, they organize yearly event, e.g. Christmas Party, to bring all helpers to celebrate this festival together. Last but not the least; I would like to personally thank Chris for her excellent support to me. Whenever I have any maid-related queries, she is always there to provide assistance, even late at night. A big thank you to all the staff of Eden Grace, and I will definitely recommend their services to friends who are looking for domestic helper in the future.","post_date":"2016-11-26 12:55:31","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Angela"},{"post_title":"Andrew Yeo @ 11\/25\/2016 06:32","post_name":"andrew-yeo-11252016-0632","post_content":"We would like to commend Eden Grace Maids & Employment Agency Pte Ltd for their excellence and commitment in their services to us. We had engaged a helper from Eden Grace in December 2013 and are pleased with the service rendered in the recruitment process and especially the follow up by Eden Grace to obtain our feedback and to instruct and guide our helper accordingly. We are glad that Eden Grace also has a Sunday programme for the helpers. This provides a platform for the helpers to enhance and emotional well-being. We appreciate Eden Grace\u2019s efforts to take care of the helper\u2019s welfare and personal development and hope that this programme can continue in the years to come.","post_date":"2016-11-25 06:32:37","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Andrew Yeo"},{"post_title":"Chin Bai","post_name":"chin-bai","post_content":"Through Eden Grace Maids, I was able to get good helper who is of great avail to my family. They are a dissimilar variety of agency, great with follow-up such as home orientation and getting back after one month to correspond along the onward motion.","post_date":"2016-11-24 16:14:05","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Chin Bai"},{"post_title":"Siew Tin @ 11\/21\/2016 06:47","post_name":"siew-tin-11212016-0647","post_content":"Proper and alter care available and sunday church service for the helper makes Eden grace different from other agency.","post_date":"2016-11-21 06:47:17","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Siew Tin"},{"post_title":"Elena @ 11\/14\/2016 03:59","post_name":"elena-11142016-0359","post_content":"They explained all application process, fees and contracts very detailed and concise. When I needed help or advice they are very responsive, has good knowledge. EA gave constructive advice, took time to understand my requirements and gave suggestions. I would like to recommend eden grace especially for parents. Responsive, church program, documentations are very concise and neat, that what makes Eden Grace different from other agency.","post_date":"2016-11-14 12:01:39","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Elena"},{"post_title":"Ben @ 10\/28\/2016 05:06","post_name":"ben-10282016-0506","post_content":"I feel at home due to their beliefs & religion. I know that they understand both helper and my needs. Eden Grace helps me from head to toe, start to finished. They explain well all the applications process and fees. Usually they are available through calls and little delayed in whatsapp, but all is well due to the nature of work & busy schedule. No problem at all.","post_date":"2016-10-28 05:06:28","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Ben"},{"post_title":"Mrs. Yong @ 10\/24\/2016 05:19","post_name":"mrs-yong-10242016-0519","post_content":"Eden grace explained everything clearly, they are prompt and very helpful. It's church program is what makes Eden Grace different from other agency.","post_date":"2016-10-24 05:19:30","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Mrs. Yong"},{"post_title":"Mari Loh @ 09\/24\/2016 07:29","post_name":"mari-loh-09242016-0729","post_content":"The Sunday program is unique and the selection of helpers and recommendations. The staff is friendly and tries their best to help.","post_date":"2016-09-24 07:29:31","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Mari Loh"},{"post_title":"Shaun @ 09\/16\/2016 02:28","post_name":"shaun-09162016-0228","post_content":"Eden Grace were professional, trustworthy and efficient. Professionalism in its operations surpasses all the other agencies which we have dealt with. Their documents\/contract and fee breakdown are presented in a clear and upfront way which is easily understood. Their staff is patient, polite always made time to answer all our questions. They never brushed us off the phone, even though they were busy.","post_date":"2016-09-16 02:28:36","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Shaun"},{"post_title":"Jasel @ 09\/07\/2016 09:18","post_name":"jasel-09072016-0918","post_content":"Eden grace screened helpers thoroughly beforehand and the service was good. Agency officers were very spontaneous and helpful. The process was quick in finding suitable maid that meets my family needs. Advice was provided almost immediately which was very helpful. They also explained all application process and fess clearly.","post_date":"2016-09-07 09:18:37","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Jasel"},{"post_title":"Tan Chee @ 08\/23\/2016 04:57","post_name":"tan-chee-08232016-0457","post_content":"Eden grace explain all application process, fees and contracts very clearly.They are very helpful when I needed advice or help and a great help in finding helper who meets our need. I would like to recommend Eden grace to all for their good services and they are more professional in handling paper work.","post_date":"2016-08-23 04:57:33","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Tan Chee"},{"post_title":"Yi Fun @ 06\/23\/2016 04:04","post_name":"yi-fun-03042016-0404","post_content":"Through Eden Grace Maids, I was able to get a good helper who is of great help to my family. They are a different kind of agency, great with follow-up such as home orientation and coming back after one month to check on the progress. Most important of all, their philosophy of helping the maids build their lives, and their effort and commitment to continue to stay in touch and guide the maids is truly admirable.","post_date":"2016-06-23 04:04:20","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Yi Fun"},{"post_title":"Ang Hoe and Amanda @ 03\/04\/2016 09:56","post_name":"ang-hoe-and-amanda-03042016-0956","post_content":"She has a positive attitude despite being corrected or reminded. She is willing to work hard and learn from her mistakes. Although she isn't detail-oriented but tries to remember our preferences. She is good with the children and sincere about being fond of them. She has also introduced some Filipino food to us through her cooking and she is willing to learn new recipes. Overall, we're quite happy with Kathy and her performance. May she maintain.","post_date":"2016-06-08 09:56:18","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Ang Hoe and Amanda"},{"post_title":"Irene and Joe @ 04\/01\/2016 07:53","post_name":"irene-and-joe-04012016-0753","post_content":"Thank you for having the patience and love for my daughter and family. This allows me and my husband the peace of mind when we go to work. Keeping the house clean and helping us with housework also lighten our working load. Please continue your passion and love and patience for Sonnia and us.","post_date":"2016-04-01 07:53:44","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Irene and Joe"},{"post_title":"Yen Ping and Jeremy @ 04\/01\/2016 07:59","post_name":"yen-ping-and-jeremy-04012016-0759","post_content":"Thank you for taking care of our children and keeping the house neat and tidy and clean. You are a great help to us. Please continue to keep up the good effort and work. We hope you are happy working with us. Thank you...","post_date":"2016-03-31 07:59:39","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Yen Ping and Jeremy"},{"post_title":"Eden Grace Sunday Service and Programme","post_name":"eden-grace-sunday-service-and-programme","post_content":"As an employer, I am very impressed with the sunday service and programme for helpers who are having their day-off. The programme helps employers put our hearts at ease when helpers go out for their day-off. We know exactly where the helper is going and we can assure that they are using their time effectively.","post_date":"2016-03-07 10:21:47","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Jolene Lim"},{"post_title":"Susie @ 03\/04\/2016 04:00","post_name":"susie-03042016-0400","post_content":"I get to know Eden Grace through a friend. I've never tried hiring a Filipino maid and was skeptical to hire one. However, my friend assured me that the maids under Eden Grace are personally interviewed and selected.","post_date":"2016-03-04 04:00:06","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Susie"},{"post_title":"Jenny @ 03\/04\/2016 03:57","post_name":"jenny-03042016-0357","post_content":"Thank you so much for helping us found our maids. Even my family was impressed that you guys do follow up house-call to check on the maids after they were hand-overed to our place which I find really helpful for both the employers and the maids.","post_date":"2016-03-04 03:57:23","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Jenny"},{"post_title":"Shu Chin","post_name":"shu-chin","post_content":"I would like to commend Eden Grace as a great agency, and one employers and helpers can rely on.\r\n\r\nThe church service, as well as the Sunday programmes provides very good guidance (in terms of growth as a person and spiritually) for the helpers.\r\n\r\nSuch holistic programme is greatly appreciated by me, as an employer, as well as my helper, Hazel. Thank you and I would support any additional upgrading programmes you might be planning in the future.","post_date":"2015-01-06 10:49:39","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Shu Chin"},{"post_title":"Mrs Elaine Yee","post_name":"mrs-elaine-yee","post_content":"I am very heartened that Eden Grace Employment Agency makes special arrangements for the domestic workers to attend church services at Agape Baptist Church every Sunday. On her off day once a month, my helper, Julie, would attend the service at 10 a.m. After the 2-hour service, the helpers would adjourn for lunch before they continue fellowshipping in their cell group from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Once every quarter, an outing would be organized for the helpers to let hair down and enjoy some through food and games.\r\n\r\nIt is encouraging to know that Julie is spending her time meaningfully on her off days, worshiping God, learning spiritual truths and mingling with fellow sisters-in-Christ. More importantly, the church service and the cell group network create a safe haven and refuge for Julie to start new friendships and deepen her bond with old friends. This is very important especially for helpers who are working in Singapore for the first time as they may feel alienated in a foreign land, being isolated from friends and loved ones at home. Julie has benefited tremendously from interactions with the helpers in a nurturing environment and we are glad that this is a place which can meet her emotional as well as spiritual needs.\r\n\r\nTo my knowledge, I do not know of any other employment agency that has gone beyond its call of duty to run such meaningful activities for the helpers. Eden Grace makes a conscientious and sustained effort to develop the helpers it has recruited. This is not an agency which leaves employers to manage their helpers after they have signed the documents and handed in the cheques. I am grateful for the open channel of communication between the agency and employers where we can work in tandem to develop Julie to better fulfill her role in my household.\r\n\r\nThank you, Chris, for dispensing useful advice and patiently answering my many questions. Thank you, Eden Grace, for taking such a keen interest in mentoring and guiding Julie. Thank you also for giving employers the peace of mind to know that our helpers are in good hands when they take their Sunday breaks.","post_date":"2015-01-06 10:45:10","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Mrs Elaine Yee"},{"post_title":"Weng Wei Yen, Employer of Mayflor Hartilano","post_name":"weng-wei-yen-employer-of-mayflor-hartilano","post_content":"I am very happy to write that Eden Grace has been a great help to my family. Eden Grace is a very good company to work with. Why? Because she is:\r\n1. God fearing\r\n2. Care for both domestic helper and employer\r\n3. Sincere and honest.\r\n\r\nI must commend on Eden Grace on her Sunday Program where the domestic helpers attend church service or some event organized by Eden Grace, like the event at the beach gathering where helpers are encouraged to bring some food to share, safety seminar, etc. Mayflor is excited about the upcoming Christmas party that Eden Grace has organized on Dec. 21. I understand that she is participating in a dance item.\r\n\r\nThe Sunday program has help Mayflor in the following ways:\r\n(This is Mayflor\u2019s first trip out of the Philippines):\r\n1. Get moral support from other domestic helpers that she meets at the programme. I remember her relating to me that she met a few domestic helpers who have issue adjusting to life in Singapore and how they overcome the issues. She is better adjusted now.\r\n2. Keep her mind in positive state. She is being influenced by other helpers around her. By going to the Sunday program. She is exposed to church teachings, gentle guidance by Eden Grace and positive environment and other helpers.\r\n3. Give her something to look forward to during her off days.\r\n4. She knows that Eden Grace is sincere in helping her. During recent safety seminar. She was supposed to meet her cousin at Tao Payoh MRT but she did not know how to get there. I wrote to Alice to confirm the event. I was surprised that Susan called that evening to inform me that she has arranged her cousin to pick her up from Clementi MRT (their usual pick u point). Mayflor was going to make arrangement with her cousin that same night but before she could do that, Eden Grace has already solved her issue. Mayflor shared visible happiness over this.","post_date":"2014-11-20 10:35:16","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Weng Wei Yen"},{"post_title":"Vanessa Tan @ 03\/04\/2016 10:04","post_name":"vanessa-tan-03042016-1004","post_content":"Mia is always dedicated in her work, doing everything wholeheartedly. Have never seen her being grouchy or unwilling doing the chores. Her love for our children is also apparent. Though her own family was affected by the Haiyan typhoon Mia did not let that affect her work attitude.","post_date":"2013-12-08 10:04:17","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":5,"post_reviewer":"Vanessa Tan"},{"post_title":"Faith Tan @ 03\/04\/2016 09:29","post_name":"faith-tan-03042016-0929","post_content":"We appreciate her ability to hard-work, be honest and the willingness to learn. She is humble and shows willingness to put in effort to improve herself.","post_date":"2013-12-07 09:29:39","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":3,"post_reviewer":"Faith Tan"},{"post_title":"Diana Lee @ 03\/04\/2016 08:47","post_name":"diana-lee-03042016-0847","post_content":"Always with a smile. Even when I correct her, she will always answer \"yes madam, okay, okay.\" This same attitude is seen be it to sir\/madam, it is also seen to the children. The children have grown to like her a lot. Especially for my autistic son, when he thought we wanted to send her off, actually cried. Cherry has been a playmate to him. She is thankful and grateful for the little things she is given.","post_date":"2013-12-07 08:47:18","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Diana Lee"},{"post_title":"Adrian @ 03\/04\/2016 09:38","post_name":"adrian-03042016-0938","post_content":"She has a lot of love and patient for the boys (7 months old). She is very careful in performing her duties for the boys, example feeding, putting to sleep. She is very careful in cleaning and performing her chores. She takes initiative to do some chores when we did not tell her to.","post_date":"2013-12-06 09:38:26","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Adrian"},{"post_title":"Tay Soon @ 03\/04\/2016 09:22","post_name":"tay-soon-03042016-0922","post_content":"Marlyn is hardworking, can get things done when I instructed her to do. She knows how to cook now and at times try new recipe, that's creativity and initiative that I appreciate.","post_date":"2013-12-06 09:22:00","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Tay Soon"},{"post_title":"Diana @ 03\/04\/2016 08:34","post_name":"diana-03042016-0834","post_content":"She's quite patient towards my kids. She's a Very patient person. If the kids are naughty, she may scold them. She learn things quite fast. Hope she perform better and better in the future.","post_date":"2013-12-05 08:34:48","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Diana"},{"post_title":"Annie Yeo @ 03\/04\/2016 09:12","post_name":"annie-yeo-03042016-0912","post_content":"She has done a good job taking care of the kids and housekeeping the house. We are happy with her and all the kids love her.","post_date":"2013-12-01 09:12:39","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":3,"post_reviewer":"Annie Yeo"},{"post_title":"Joel Ng @ 03\/04\/2016 09:04","post_name":"joel-ng-03042016-0904","post_content":"Her priorities are placed right, where taking care of the baby is the most important task and she has done very well in this area. Baby is well taken care of and I feel at ease knowing he is well looked after while we are off at work. She takes initiative, for example if not tasked with preparation of dinner, she would call up in the afternoon to check if any preparation was needed for that night. She is constantly, joyful which is great for caring our young child.","post_date":"2013-12-01 09:04:13","post_author":"Eden Admin","post_rating":4,"post_reviewer":"Joel Ng"}]