Cleaning the Bedroom with Your Domestic Helper

There are unexpected things that can happen when we start cleaning our bedrooms regularly! We get better health and sleep, we seldom lose valuables, save a lot of time in dressing up, and encourage better habits and productivity in life.


Bedrooms tend to be messy because we do a lot of things in bedrooms, so the live-in maid in Singapore needs to clean it thoroughly every day if possible. Here are some things, the helper should remember when cleaning the bedroom:


Remove all bedsheets and curtains.
The number one thing the Indonesian maid/Filipino maid or Myanmar maid needs to notice when deep cleaning the bedroom is the bed sheets. She can start by removing all the pillowcases and taking the sheets off the mattress. She can toss them into the washing machine while she cleans the rest of the bedroom. The live-in maid should not forget to flip the mattress, she doesn’t want dust particles to gather on top of the mattress while dusting the room.


After the mattress, the Filipino maid or Indonesian maid should get the curtains and ready them for the next batch of laundry. It would also be easier to clean after she opened the windows! It doesn’t only encourage fresh air to enter the room, but it lets out bad odours from the room at all.


Sort everything out first.
If the main problem in the bedroom is clutter, there should be a regular decluttering session at least once a week. After the live-in maid got rid of the dirty bedsheets and dusty curtains, she can now sort everything out, taking out the things that belong outside the bedroom like the stored food, dirty clothes, used mugs and plates, or file folders.


If possible, the Indo maid or Filipino maid must put the dirty clothes in a closed hamper or covered plastic basket. The fabric is one of the main causes of the dusty bedroom, so it is important to keep them from the open.


Ready a trash bin with you.
Surely, the live-in maid needs a trash bin with her while sorting everything in the bedroom. She’ll be surprised to find the amount of rubbish scattering in the room all the while! With the guidance of the employer, they can separate the things that are still needed from the things that should be thrown out. One effective way to test if you still need something is remembering the time you last you used it. If it was last year, the employer should consider throwing it away.

Dusting the furniture and cabinets.
Now, it’s time to use a damp cloth to wipe the window sill, the cabinets, door knobs, photo frames, and bed frames. After wiping with a damp cloth, the live-in maid can now wipe them up with a dry cloth. The Indo maid or Filipino maid can make an extra effort to wipe behind the furniture.


Ask yourself when was the last time you cleaned up your mirror? It is one of the most neglected items in the house. As for mirrors, the live-in maid can get rid of the streaks using a spray with a glass cleaner solution and a microfiber towel.


Mop the floor (including under the bed) thoroughly.
We still follow the golden rule of cleaning even in the bedroom: top to bottom. After the Indo maid or Filipino maid has finished getting the cobwebs, cleaning the ceiling, or dusting the cabinets, she can now proceed to sweeping or vacuuming, and after that, mopping the floor with soapy water and rag. See to it that you follow the proper technique in mopping the floor! That is mopping from top to bottom, making sure that you’re standing in an unmopped area of the floor.


Lastly, remake the beds and put new curtains to make the bedroom look fresh again!


Cleaning the bedroom regularly and thoroughly has a lot of positive impacts on our life. Make sure to share this article with your live-in maid in Singapore. We wish you a cleaner and fresher bedroom.

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