Live in Nanny – Child’s Four Major Tantrum and How to Deal with Them

Live in Nannies must understand that kids don’t have enough words to express their emotions, desires or needs. Tantrums are their ways to depict the emotions they don’t understand. So, when the child does these things listed below, we will give you their possible explanations and how are we going to deal with them.


When she’s doing something and she screams and cries after you force her to go somewhere.
When this happens, consider their activity at the moment. Is he enjoying himself when you took him away? This will justify his reaction when you made him go with you. Children don’t have a sense of time and they just want to be distracted by a lot of things. When you want him to go somewhere better or your plan is more important than his playing time, tell him his activity can be resumed after he did what you want him to do. If his activity isn’t costly or harmful, it is okay to follow his request.


She throws her valuables in the bin or throws her favourite spoon at you.
She may cry for the things she threw later. A good conversation with the child is the key. Tell her about the consequences that may happen after she throws her things anywhere. She threw the things because she doesn’t want it at the moment. Toddlers want to do things at the present time and they don’t postpone the things they want to do now. If the kid throws his cup in the bin, explain to him that he cannot use it anymore unless nanny cleaned it. Simplify your explanations and tell her the consequences of the tantrum.

When she gets out of bed many times after you send her to her room.
Kids are energetic and they aren’t as tired as adults. Also, they are too curious and they always want to observe all things going around in your house. If she gets up and walked out of her room when you thought she’s already asleep, you have to send her back to her room help her get relaxed and get comfortable by chatting with her. This usually works when the kid can now communicate well. Tell her some stories or gently pat her back until she falls asleep.


She draws on the walls again and this time she even spilled some paint on the floor.
We give them pencils and crayons to write and draw but exhibiting their art on the house’s walls isn’t welcome! Not only it takes a long time to clean the walls but also it is more tiring than any kitchen chore. Kids love to leave their personal marks everywhere in the house. Again, communication is the key. We have to teach them lessons verbally and make them understand that no drawing should be on the walls. We can intentionally paint a corner of the house with blackboard paint. Teach him that he can decorate the area if he wants to and you can easily erase it for his next masterpiece.


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