Canine-proofing Your Home

Paw prints here and there, the slipper’s pair always go missing, and the doormat is seldom found in its proper place! As much as we want to keep man’s bestfriend at home, we also want to have a tidy environment. There are actually ways to keep your home cleaner and better while living with our furry puppies.


Avoid the frustrations of a new pooch with prevention tips and our advice for canine-proofing your home. These preventative measures may lessen the mess:


1. Exercise together
A run together in the park is a double benefit for both you and your dog. You don’t only burn fats but also prevent the dog from creating a mess. Dogs can get bored and play around the house to stimulate, and that includes biting on the stuff he finds on the floor. The exercise will most likely exhaust him so he can be in his best behaviour and rest indoors for the rest of the day.


2. Bathe your dog
When your puppy found a nice pool of mud where he can roll around and play, the next thing is he’ll run inside the house bringing the caked mud with him. If this happens, always ready a water hose outside and bathe him before he’s in.
The bathing may be daily, depending on where and how often your dog engage in these naughty activities. However, bathing daily can wash away his natural oil and will cause his skin to dry, resulting to skin problems and others. Only wash your pet if needed.

3. Groom him
It isn’t just for the ‘looking good’ purpose but also to reduce the shedding of the hair. Regular grooming gets rid of the fur that are about to fall off and is a great time to bond! If possible, brush your dog outside to limit the furry mess and airborne particles. Do this a few times a week especially to puppies so they can grow used to the routine.


4. Let him rest on old towels
Animal hair is probably the hardest problem because getting rid of it is not a joke. Place an old towel or sheet wherever your puppy likes to rest, and shake it outside daily to remove most of the hair. After that, toss it in the machine and hang to try. Placing a towel may gather the hair shed while he’s lying down.


Vacuuming daily is necessary to prevent allergies triggered by fur. Electrostatic mops are also good to use on hard floors since it doesn’t blow hair around.


5. Quickly deal with stains
Canine urine left on carpets can permanently alter the dye if you ignore it for a long time. Remove any solid residue with a dull knife. Wash it immediately. Rinse by blotting with a towel dampened with tepid water. Repeat the washing if the stain isn’t gone in one wash.


While dogs can definitely be messy at times, the joys and benefits that you and your family will experience from adopting a pet will far surpasses the negative. Dogs can teach your child to be responsible and be compassionate. Cherish your pet and make use of the tips above to conquer the mess.

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