Can your Helper be a Part of the Family?

Filipino maids possess a culture of close family ties. Unlike other races, they value being intimate with each of the family. They also want a sense of acceptance from their family members. They usually keep relatives in the house even with their old age or physical difficulties. This is also evident when it comes to the different workplaces they may end up to. It is their inherent expectation to feel that they belong in the place where they work in order to perform their duties effectively.


However, certain families fail to treat their helper as a family. This could be because of the culture gap or the family relationship between a maid and the employer is just hard to grasp. Regardless of the culture and race a person belongs to, a family relationship is necessary in a workplace. It is true that superiority between a boss and employee should be maintained but it is a little different when accepting a stay-in maid in your house.


These are the following reasons why we should treat our maid as a family and how.


She’ll be a part of the household.
You and your family are related by blood and obviously share a lot in common. With this fact, she is already left out. She must be treated as a new member of the family so she can care for the people in your house as a family too. If she has the mentality that you are her extended family, all her duties will be performed like it is her own home. Your concerns will be her concerns too. Talk to her and be concerned with her needs like a family. Bring her on ordinary family outings. You will not just have an extra help but also a new friend who might know more fun things to do.

Communication will be more effective.
Imagine working with the people who make you feel like a stranger. The tendency is you will hesitate in talking to them. You will wallow in your own safe place and your interest will be diverted to other things unrelated to the people of your workplace. You will distance yourself from them and just miss your home where you once felt you belong. These are all what your maid might feel if you always leave her out of the family. Communication gap will happen and this might result to something worse like termination of the contract. Therefore, make her feel she belongs. Let her be a member of the conversation. Ask her views about different things. She is not perfect but she could know a lot because of experience.


She will value your family.
If you became close to her heart, you will lighten her burden. Her homesickness will lessen and will have a positive attitude in maintaining your home. There are things you only give to your family. There are words you only say to your family. You are not required to give her that much but at least show her you value her presence. Never underestimate how gratitude can change a person’s dedication and heart for what she does. Both of you will definitely benefit from your kindness.


We believe a happy family and harmonious work-home environment is achievable with the management of expectations and a lifestyle of learning. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore aspires to cater to your needs for an ideal, dependable maid. We also hope to facilitate a good working relationship through proper integration and education programmes for both parties. We desire to guide domestic helpers to achieve their life goals during employment.
“Building Lives, Building Families”

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