Building Bond To Your Child


Did you feel an ache in your heart when your child ran to your helper instead of to you when she was hurt? Or felt jealousy when you see your child crying while saying goodbye to her at the airport when its time for your helper to leave?


Life is busy, especially for working parents. Much as we want to bond with our child and build a strong relationship, sometimes we just don’t have the time nor the energy for it.


Building a strong relationship is an important facet of well-being throughout the lives of everyone. Most importantly with your children, it is vital to schedule recurring family time with them. You can build a positive parent-child relationship by being in the moment with your child, spending quality time together, and creating an environment where they feel comfortable to explore.


How to Bond With Your Kids?


1. Playing Together
One of the best ways to bond with your child is by having fun together. Go outside and ride a bike with them or play with their favorite sports like soccer ball or basketball, or grab a fun game like board games. The activity doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re doing something fun together. Do something that you both enjoy and connect while you’re doing it, playing together also helps you to get to know your child better – his likes and dislikes.


2. Have Meals Together
Eating meals together is good for your family as a whole and might encourages the family togetherness. Having a meal with your family allows time for family bonding, improve mental health and also a great way to boost your moods.

3. Exercise Together
Physical activity is another way to bond with your kids. Exercising while bonding can present the best of both worlds. You can spend time with your kids, while helping them build strong muscles and bones. As you get them more active, you will find them stabilizing at a healthy weight, getting better sleep and having more focus.


4. Say “I love you” often
Love is the purest and noblest feeling that can be experienced in our lives. And it’s so intense that it’s worth sharing it with those we love most so that they can feel it too. The affection that we transmit to our children has a great impact on their emotions, and these will make them like themselves and accept themselves more.


5. Hug or Touch Your Child Often
By hugging every day, you can create a stronger bond with your child. It can improve trust, reduce fear, and strengthen relationships.


6. Plan a family Trip or Vacation
Vacations are fun. Vacations give families the opportunity to explore together and it provides opportunities as well to teach your children about the world they live in, different cultures and the benefits of being open minded. Family vacations not only build life long memories, but they also break your family away from the usual routine and had closer family relationships.


Bonding with your kids is the most valuable gift you can give them. Spending time with them is the way showing them that you love them, care for them and help to keep them mentally and emotionally strong. Families who share everyday activities together form a strong and emotional tie.

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