Steps You Must Do Before Accusing your Maid of Theft

Scenarios about maids stealing from their employer often hit headlines nowadays. Some homes with live in maids became too conscious of their belongings and lessened their trust to their maids The old adage saying that the most difficult thief to deal with is the inside thief is proven true. If you keep losing valuables and you suspect you helper is stealing, don’t rush! Cautiously follow these steps:


1. Tell one of your family members, preferably, your spouse.
When it involves suspecting without evidences, better not spread the gossip to other people outside the house yet. This is to protect your maid and yourself. Discuss it with your spouse first and when he thinks he’s losing stuff too, then you can be certain that you are not just being overly paranoid. He can also suggest solutions that are best for the family.


2. Search for the missing valuables first.
Never confront your maid when you are not sure if the valuables were really stolen. There is still a huge possibility that the possession was just misplaced.
You and your trusted family member can conduct a thorough check in every corner of your house to look for the missing possession.


3. Ask your family members.
If there is still no sign of the missing item despite your thorough search in the house’s rooms and cabinets, then it is time to open up to the other members of your family. Clarify it with them first to avoid misunderstanding with your maid. There are cases of children forgetting to tell their parents that they have borrowed money without their knowledge. Ask them first before jumping to conclusions.

4. Confront without arguing.
If you already clarified things with your family, then you can now ask your maid about it. Do not scream at her or insist that she stole the valuable especially when she denied that she took the item. Consider her innocent until she’s proven guilty. Request to check her belongings in her presence if you doubt her honesty.
Lastly, never hurt her because of your suspicion, not even when she admitted the deed. Remember the laws you may violate if you lose your control.


5. Collect evidence.
If you are still suspecting that your maid is stealing from you, chances are she will likely commit the crime again. Gather more evidence by installing CCTV to strengthen your claim. Be alert and observant.


6. Call the agency.
If you still suspect your maid, call the agency. In professional agencies, you can bring up your concerns and file complaints. They will also assist you and help you speak to the maid.
Do also check your contract and see if you are able to change your maid for no cost in the case of her committing a crime.


It is a must to follow these steps first before jumping to dangerous conclusions. Put in mind the risks of accusing your maid without confirming things first with your family or not having enough evidence. You will not only damage your relationship with her but it will also change her views about you.


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