An Ideal Domestic Helper for your Household


Hiring a domestic helper has been an increasingly common childcare solution for many families especially in our hectic day-to-day lifestyle. Most parents living in a busy city like in Singapore are working parents and they find difficult to strike balance their work commitment and parenthood. Thus, having a foreign domestic helper is a reliable way for them to lessen the difficulty and may have a positive influence on their children. In a double-income household, nothing beats having an extra pair of hands to ease the workload. However, it is important to hire a suitable and efficient domestic helper and she should at least be experienced in caring for babies and toddlers depending of what you need!


When selecting the perfect helper to take care of your children, you should look for someone with the following attributes:


Trustworthy & Caring Personality
Putting trust in foreign domestic helper to manage your household is not easy, not to mention your little ones. If you’re entrusting your kids to a helper, it is important to make sure that your kids are in pair of safe hands, someone you trust and rely upon. Since the helper will need to take most of the responsibilities to take care of your kids in your absence, it is essential to find someone responsible, trustworthy, loving and caring to provide a warm, friendly environment for your kids so they would feel safe and comfortable enough being taking care of by this person.

Patient and Attentive
When it comes to childcare, you should hire a domestic helper who is patient to your kids and attentive to their needs. Childcare is stressful, and the patience will be repeatedly put to test. It is important that your helper is fond of children because only a person who genuinely love children and enjoys their company can understand what your child needs. She should take a special kind of personality to connect with the kids on their level and build a good bond with them, enjoy doing things those young children love to do and show sincere affection so they feel they can trust that person.


Respectful and Well-Mannered
Domestic helper should model your kids proper behavior, basic manner, and etiquette while you are not at home. Therefore, look for a helper who is respectful and well-mannered, because only a person who possesses good manner and a good attitude would be able to teach your kid the same. It is not a good influence on your kids if the helper lacks of morals and values, and it proves to be a dangerous company for them.


Excellent Communication and Listening Skills
Communication is a two-way process. Thus, find someone who is a good communicator and listener at the same time. Communicate with your helper clearly and nicely about how you would like her to help you with, how you would like your child to be taken care, and how to deal with an emergency. Your helper needs to have an enough understanding of your expectations and your child’s needs. Again, your domestic helper will spend the entire day with your kids, therefore it is important for them to be comfortable in the company of the domestic helper. And if ever your child feels slightly uncomfortable with the helper, she will be scared to stay alone with her, your child will feel lonely and uneasy in your absence.

Domestic helpers play a significant part of your child’s life. They grow with them, nurture and influence them while you are not there. Therefore, hire someone who efficiently handles all the needs of your child, performs all her chores and have an excellent heart to inspire and guide a young child in a positive way.


Sometimes, it is not easy to find the perfect helper who checks all the boxes. But make sure to go through all the history and previous experiences of the applicant, and if she meets all the required criteria, possesses all the skills and qualities on your list. Don’t forget that you are not simply hiring a domestic helper to babysit your children for the day, but you are creating a healthy, loving and comfortable environment for them to grow up in. That is why it is very important to find a domestic helper who is perfectly fit for your family.

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