7 Steps for Grooming Your Pet at Home


Working as a domestic helper, your duties and responsibilities may not only revolve on household chores and childcare. Some household may also have pets for you take care of. In taking care of pets, there are some things you need to take note of, like how to groom the pets to make them look good and clean. You don’t need to take them to the pet groomer, you yourself can groom the pets at the comfort of your employer’s home.


Here are the things you need to do:
Get the right tools
Pets have their own vet that they go to for check-ups and if they are sick. As the domestic helper that will be grooming the pet personally, you can ask the vet which tools are best used to groom the cat or dog. Considering the following details: the length (short, medium, long), type (smooth, wired, curly), and thickness of the pet’s coat. Knowing this, it will be easy for you to get the right brushes and combs in grooming the pet.


Brush Gently and Regularly
Just like a person’s hair, pet’s hair needs to be brushed regularly to remove dirt and dead hair from its coat, as well as preventing mats and tangles. Remember to always be gentle in brushing the pet’s fur, if you find a mat or tangle in between its coat, don’t pull it out or cut it out either, for it can be very painful for the pet. You can go to a pet retailer and purchase a special brush or combed designed to split or remove mats. Talking to the pet’s veterinarian or a reliable professional groomer also helps.

Give them a Bath
One important grooming step or action that we need to give the pets is to give them a bath. If you are a domestic helper, you know the struggle of trying to give a pet a bath. But you can try to give a no-struggle bath to the pet. You can set out supplies like shampoos, towels, etc. Take some treats with you as a bait or as a reward to make the pet get into the water. Wash and clean the pet carefully, avoiding the shampoo to get into its face, nose, and eyes. If the pet won’t let you give it a bath, then don’t feel bad or frustrated. Take it a step at a time. Soon, it will voluntarily get in the water before you could even say it.


Trim those nails
Pets need nail care too. When the pet feels relaxed, catch it and give its paws a nice pedicure. In trimming the cat or dog’s nails, be careful not to trim the quick, which is the pink area within each nail that contains nerves and blood vessels. If the pet experiences pain, it will be hard for you to trim their nails the next time.


Clean the ears
Cleaning the pet’s ears must be a part of your grooming routine. It is important to check the pet’s ears for once a week or so. If you see wax, get a cotton ball and damp it with a gentle ear-cleaning solution recommended by the veterinarian. Remember to never put cotton swabs into the pet’s ears for you can cause injury. If you notice that the pet’s ears are red, swollen, excessively waxy, itchy, or have a bad smell, see the vet as soon as possible. These signs could mean an ear infection which is painful for the pet.


Brush the teeth
Cats and dogs are affected by periodontal disease, and you don’t want your employer’s pet to experience such alarming pain. Brushing the pet’s teeth regularly can reduce the risk of periodontal disease. Take note that human toothpaste is not safe for pets, be sure to use a product that will not harm the pet.


Clip if necessary
If the pet’s coat is already long and the fur is flying all around, you can clip its coat. Clipping the pet’s coat can reduce the amount of hair for shedding. Bathe and brush the pet’s coat regularly. Just like how you would take care of your own human hair.


These grooming tips are useful especially if your sir / madam wants their pet to be always neat and clean. They will be happy to see you go an extra mile with their beloved pet.

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