5 Love Languages of Children a Live in Nanny Should Know

As a live in nanny in Singapore, one of the duties and responsibilities is taking care of the employer’s children. We all know that taking care of children is a challenging job, but once the nanny get the trust of the child, it will be easier to build a good relationship with each other.


For a live in nanny, it is easy to treat the child as their own and show care and affection. But how about the child? How do we know if the child is showing love to the nanny? What are the love languages of children?


To give an idea, here are 5 love languages of children the live in nanny must know:


1. Asking for hugs and more play time. – Hugging can give a sense of security to children. If the child being taken care of, constantly ask hugs from the nanny, it means they feel secure around the presence of their nanny. With this, they become more confident and ask for more playtime with them.


2. Tiny presents. – Tiny presents of thoughtfulness touches anyone. For children, one way of showing their affection can mean giving the live in nanny a letter with a message of “thank you” and love, a piece of candy or chocolate, or a piece of flower they picked from a garden.

3. Confidently talks and shares feelings to you. – Finding emotional support is a great factor for children. When children see that the nanny is always interested in what they think, they will feel special and will openly share their feelings. This is a silent way of showing their love.


4. Let’s you do things for them. – When a child asks some important things to be done for them, it simply means that they have built their trust towards the nanny. This gesture simply means they appreciate the tiny efforts given towards them.


5. Showing you their important things. – After building a special bond with the child, the live in nanny must expect that they will constantly be called by the child to show them their most valued toys and creations.


Children have different languages of love. But each action shows affection and how much they appreciate the live in nanny. Once pure affection is shown to the child, they will also do the same towards the nanny.

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