Filipino Maid & Indonesian Maid – 4 Tips of Adjusting in a New Workplace
Living in a new place means adapting to a new culture. All foreign domestic workers, students, and immigrants can relate to this. It is a struggle of being true to yourself while trying to fit in to a new group of people with a different nationality. Make the transition smooth by following these steps on how to adjust in a new workplace or environment.


1. Research in advance.
Learn as much as you can about your new workplace, school, or office before transferring. Look for their website and their core values. This will help you have an image of what kind of worker or student you must be. A company may have any published materials like magazines and brochures and you may study this to make yourself familiar of their language and organization. Foreign domestic workers should also ask questions about her employer’s family and what values they prefer. Adjustment is easy once you know what you should and should not be.


2. Decide what you want yourself to be known for.
Pick 3 to five 5 good qualities you want to be known for. This is the basic rule of “person branding”. For instance, you want to be known as a responsible cheerful and a hardworking person. You are not only making an image for yourself but a good impression for other people. Choose good qualities that are always true to you and you’ll have no difficulty of following.

3. Reach out to people.
Do not wait to be asked about yourself. It is also your job to establish rapport. Connect with your new workmates or family if you have a chance to. Maids can talk to her employer about her personal taste when it comes to dishes while they are cooking together. A worker can talk to her colleagues in the office about how stuff are done in her old workplace while having coffee. The list of topics goes on and it only takes courage to start the conversation.


4. Speak in the same volume.
One way to blend in is to adjust your own way of talking. If the culture in your new workplace is quiet and disciplined, try as much as possible to keep your volume down. If the place is loud and full of cheerful people, then it is probably fine to laugh on jokes while at work. Staying quiet in a loud place will set you a part. Studies show that people respond best to others who speak at the same volume as themselves.


Adjusting can be stressful, so make sure you don’t appear to be trying too hard or being too apathetic. In a new country, always get plenty of rest, eat well and exercise for you to be alert, refreshed and ready to go.


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