4 Things Employers Should Look for In a Nanny

Taking care of a child and excelling in our career is difficult to balance for working parents. Eventually, we need someone who would look after the children’s welfare with the help of a Filipino nanny | Indonesian nanny | Myanmar nanny. While nanny hunting, we may want to take note the characteristics an ideal nanny must have and what are the red flags we should watch out when talking to an aspiring applicant.


All nannies are different. Therefore, we should look for someone who would be a perfect match for our child. Interviewing them is one crucial step to finding the best choice for the nanny job!


Top 4 characteristics we should look for in a babysitter:


1) Has a love for children
First, the potential live-in nanny should have a genuine love for kids. Parents would want their children to be around a person who is playful enough to spend time with kids the whole day. If the babysitter truly loves working with children, she is less likely to give up on your child easily and can make playtime more interesting! During the interview, we may know that the applicant has an inherent fondness for children when they ask questions like: “How old is your child?”, “Is he a boy or a girl?”, or any simple question that shows interest in the child she’s about to take care. The applicant looking detached while employer discusses the child may mean she’s not really into the looking after kids.


Experience and caregiving certificates are a plus but nothing beats a live-in nanny who can actually sit down with your toddler all day and genuinely enjoy the little one’s company no matter how messy and naughty he becomes. The Filipino nanny | Indonesian nanny | Myanmar nanny’s love for children is the first thing we should look for.


2) Must be flexible
Taking care of a child comes with the responsibility of dealing with numerous unpredictable events. Because of this, it’s necessary that we take a live-in nanny who is flexible enough for this not-so-easy position. During the interview, employers may dig into the comfort level of the potential live-in nanny by mentioning the schedule, the new environment she has to work in, and the unexpected childcare responsibilities that may arise throughout her contract. If employers find the potential live-in nanny agreeable to this unfavorable conditions, then she’s a good nanny candidate! Red flags to watch out are when the applicant demand about the handphone usage and number of offdays during the interview.

3) Naturally nurturing
Having a love for children comes with a nurturing temperament towards them. Simply put, as a Filipino nanny | Indonesian nanny | Myanmar nanny, we place the welfare of the children first and do everything to keep the kids safe. It also means sincerely engaging with the kids, stooping down to connect to their level, and making efforts to provide a safe environment for them. Now, how do we know if the applicant is naturally nurturing? Employers may ask her, “What do you love the most about being a babysitter?”, “What will you do if the child is being naughty?”. If she’s okay with hurting the child as a form of discipline, then it’s a bad sign.


4) Has a good record and extensive hands-on experience
Filipino nanny | Indonesian nanny | Myanmar nanny with the first-hand experience in babysitting has a big advantage from the rest of the applicants. An experienced live-in maid is familiar with the challenges attached with being a fulltime nanny and therefore, don’t need too much supervision as she can already manage. They can also make important decisions in case of major emergencies like injuries or sickness. However, employers still need to remind them every now and then the unique household rules that weren’t discussed in her previous employment. During the live-in maid’s interview, we can ask her about her routine as a nanny in her previous employment and how did she cope with the difficulties. Agencies like Eden Grace Maids Agency can help the employer create a background check in the potential live-in maids. Red flags to watch out is when the applicant refuses to answer questions about her employment history or only provide vague information.


The family’s health and safety should be the top priority. Eden Grace Maid Agency Singapore offers maid | Nanny services which will help us secure our children’s safety when we’re not around. The choice to hire a maid | Nanny who can take care of the tiring household chores and things we cannot handle on our own will definitely be a plus point!


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