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  • 5 star review  Eden Grace provides very quick and good proactive service. I needed to find a replacement for my helper who was returning for good. During the covid period, I was not... read more

    thumb Pauline Lim

    4 star review  Very efficient in processing and answering questions

    thumb Hui Jing Teo

    5 star review  I have engaged Eden Grace to direct hire my helper from Philippine, given the current pandemic situation getting a helper into Singapore is really not easy. Alice from Eden... read more

    thumb Chua Choon Siew

    5 star review  Used this maid agency twice over the past years. So far, everything went smoothly.

    thumb Amos Sim
  • 5 star review  First time getting a helper. The whole experience with Eden Grace was pleasant and worry-free. Yvonne and the team were very well coordinated and prompt in any query we had.... read more

    thumb Louis Looi

    4 star review  Having worked with many maid agencies in the past, I must say Eden Grace are professional. They match employer’s requirements as closely as they can based on the maids’ experience. Yvonne,... read more

    thumb As Zaharah

    5 star review  At first glance, Eden-Grace may seem like a slightly pricey choice. However, the excellent service and overall experience more than makes up for the price. Eden Grace is a responsible... read more

    thumb drdesmondmao

    5 star review  Strongly recommend Eden Grace as the whole process has been smooth and fuss-free. There was no need to worry about missing paperwork and timely updates were provided. Many thanks to... read more

    thumb Adeline Heng
  • 5 star review  Eden Grace is a modern FDW agency that strives to make everything convenient and seamless for the employer right from the get-go. I’m very grateful to Victoria and her team... read more

    thumb Rachel Kee

    5 star review  I got my previous and current helpers from Eden Grace. Been with them for nearly 6 years. Alice (who helped me with the first helper) and Snooky (who helped me... read more

    thumb Cheng Lim

    5 star review  We hired our helper via Eden Grace. Our consultant is Victoria. The whole process was quite smooth, easy and fast. Our helper has been with us for the past few... read more

    thumb ivy wong

    5 star review  This is the best maid agency, i have been with them for 6 years and they never disappoint me, they will ensure the helper is fix in to your... read more

    thumb Chris Chia
  • 5 star review  My agent, Julie, has done excellent job for us. She’s been always prompt in replying all the questions we have and giving us updates if there’s any. The process has... read more

    thumb Nicky Kim

    5 star review  Eden Grace was there every step of the way when we were looking for a new helper. We are grateful to Julie & her colleagues for their efficient & helpful... read more

    thumb Ying hwang

    5 star review  I chanced upon Eden Grace through a Google search. It was highly recommended and I decided to approach them for help in finding my helper. I would like to say,... read more

    thumb Janice Tan

” Maid Agency Resources”

Effective Household Management with an Indonesian Maid

Effective Household Management with an Indonesian Maid You may have heard about the perks of choosing a maid from a different race. Changes in your household once you committed on having a maid will inevitable occur. The transition is a quite different process that...


At some point we may need to make determinations for ourselves or our loved ones when living at home alone is no longer possible and more concern is necessitated. But can we afford the elder care costs? How much do the options really cost? Three alternatives for...

DOs and DON’Ts of Preparing a Nursery Room

One of the greatest moments of a couple’s life is welcoming the addition of a new baby to their family. New parents are often excited in shopping for baby clothes and setting up a very creative nursery room, making sure everything is properly set up for the baby....

7 Steps for Grooming Your Pet at Home

Working as a Filipino/Indonesian maid, your duties and responsibilities may not only revolve on household chores and childcare. Some household may also have pets for you take care of. In taking care of pets, there are some things you need to take note of, like how to...

Your FDWs Guide to Coping with Culture Shock

Vacations outside countries let you experience culture shock once in a while. It’s not just about their foreign language and the different intonations they use. Sometimes, their foreign habits and practices intimidate us and make us feel like we don’t belong. Truly,...

Why You Should Hire An Indonesian Maid

As much as we want to make all jobs done immediately, we still need to manage a lot of things including our business and careers. Time is precious. We need to be productive every minute of the day. But sometimes, chores and household management eat our time and before...

Why Singaporean Hires Foreign Domestic Worker?

  Singapore being a developed nation with high employment rate, high standard cost of living and its people are busier today than ever before - strained to the perimeter by work, school, parenting, and elder care tasks; somehow, for many reasons, it is a...

Maids’ Challenges with their Employers

  Foreign Domestic Workers make an important input to the economy. Society considered them essential. They have played an important role in the lives of many families. Domestic workers leave their loved ones and homelands to take care of other people. Because...

Managing Maids

Managing Maids   Foreign Domestic Workers or the so called maids have become almost indispensable. They are some of the most wanted individuals in the world today. A number of folks doing professional jobs don't have enough time to carry on and manage their...

Signs of a Stressed-Out Maid You Mustn’t Ignore

*Signs of a Stressed-Out Maid You Mustn’t Ignore* Having a hardworking and responsible Filipino/Indonesian maid is more than an employer can ask for. They are a blessing and they make lives easier, especially to busy parents. But Filipino/Indonesian maids are humans...

The Right Way To Fold The Socks

Socks come in pairs and we always have the struggle to fold them neatly without even stretching or greasing it too much! Or maybe, we're just folding them wrongly! But here are the steps in folding together your favorite pair of socks. They would be properly arranged...

Five Kitchen Tips

The kitchen is probably one of the messiest corners at home. We understand the hardships you experience in organizing kitchen stuff and ingredients. In this video, the proper organizing and labeling of flavorings are shown. We can also light the stove in the safest...

How To Stuff A Duvet

Duvet sheet is one of the most difficult to stuff on the bed. Aside from the fact they are quite different in form, they are larger than anything else in your cabinet thus it takes more time for us to arrange it. But there is a good news. We have a video on how to...

Disinfecting Important Parts of your Home during Covid-19 Pandemic

Everyone seems to be addicted in disinfecting and cleaning nowadays because of the Covid-19 virus. Aside from scarcity of face masks, alcohols, and soaps, disinfectants are also running out in supermarkets for they help in ensuring a clean home for the family. But not...

How to Give a New born a Sponge Bath

*How to Give a New born a Sponge Bath*   As a Filipino/Indonesian helper, looking after of a new born can be a challenge especially for a first timer. Giving a bath is one responsibility when taking care of a new born. For a first-time helper, giving a bath to a...

Fun and Interactive Baby Activities And Games

Fun and Interactive Baby Activities And Games Taking care of babies is never an easy job. They are fragile and needs to be watched closely all the time. As the baby grows physically, their brain develops as well. They can start recognizing and registering things one...

Mee Siam

Mee Siam is a very popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore. Mee Siam, which means “Siamese Noodle” in malay, is served with spicy, sweet and sour light gravy. We will show you how to make the famous Mee Siam. You can choose shrimp as garnish for this dish. We will have...

3 Easy Roll-Ups For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dessert

Too late for breakfast? Experts say that skipping breakfast will lead a person to obesity and cause him/her to be unhealthy. We understand that cooking is too hassle for a working adult so here are the three roll-ups that are very easy to make. Observe healthy diet by...

Sweet Sticky Rice With Coconut And Mango {Khao Niaw Ma Muang}

Most of us, Asians, have rice as our staple food. But, rice doesn't only come in meals but also desserts and appetizers. Now, here is a dish called Khao Niaw Mamuang which originated in Thailand. This very delicious dish is made up with Sweet Sticky Rice with Coconut...

Easy Chinese Dish the Filipino / Indonesian Maid Should Try Cooking

Easy Chinese Dish the Filipino / Indonesian Maid Should Try Cooking The way to anyone's heart is through his stomach, but preparing or cooking food in another country as a live-in Filipino / Indonesian maid could be challenging at first. Knowing that there are some...

Fried Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe for Live-in Maids

Fried Vegetable Spring Roll Recipe for Live-in Maids One of the benefits of going vegan is the significant dropping of saturated fat in our body while the amount of fiber in the body shoots up. This lowers the risks of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Given the...

Homemade Veggie Nuggets Recipe for Kids

Homemade Veggie Nuggets Recipe for Kids Kids love everything meaty and fried, never saying ‘no’ to chicken nuggets and patties for breakfast. While the Indonesian maid / Filipino maid wants to serve a meal the children will love, they must also think about the...