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  • 5 star review  Eden Grace (Snooky) has been tremendously helpful in finding us the right helper at the right time. They were very responsive and provided all the relevant info, taking care of... read more

    thumb Sharon Koh

    5 star review  Hired my current helper through Eden Grace, and the entire process from the beginning of search and selection all the way to the handover was handled in a very detailed... read more

    thumb Seok Ling Wong

    5 star review  Eden grace have help me to find a suitable maid for my family condition specially thanks to eden grace snooky! She have been very helpful and is very responsive in... read more

    thumb Yihui Ng

    5 star review  Eden Grace provides very quick and good proactive service. I needed to find a replacement for my helper who was returning for good. During the covid period, I was not... read more

    thumb Pauline Lim
  • 4 star review  Very efficient in processing and answering questions

    thumb Hui Jing Teo

    5 star review  I have engaged Eden Grace to direct hire my helper from Philippine, given the current pandemic situation getting a helper into Singapore is really not easy. Alice from Eden... read more

    thumb Chua Choon Siew

    5 star review  Used this maid agency twice over the past years. So far, everything went smoothly.

    thumb Amos Sim

    5 star review  First time getting a helper. The whole experience with Eden Grace was pleasant and worry-free. Yvonne and the team were very well coordinated and prompt in any query we had.... read more

    thumb Louis Looi
  • 4 star review  Having worked with many maid agencies in the past, I must say Eden Grace are professional. They match employer’s requirements as closely as they can based on the maids’ experience. Yvonne,... read more

    thumb As Zaharah

    5 star review  At first glance, Eden-Grace may seem like a slightly pricey choice. However, the excellent service and overall experience more than makes up for the price. Eden Grace is a responsible... read more

    thumb drdesmondmao

    5 star review  Strongly recommend Eden Grace as the whole process has been smooth and fuss-free. There was no need to worry about missing paperwork and timely updates were provided. Many thanks to... read more

    thumb Adeline Heng

    5 star review  Eden Grace is a modern FDW agency that strives to make everything convenient and seamless for the employer right from the get-go. I’m very grateful to Victoria and her team... read more

    thumb Rachel Kee
  • 5 star review  I got my previous and current helpers from Eden Grace. Been with them for nearly 6 years. Alice (who helped me with the first helper) and Snooky (who helped me... read more

    thumb Cheng Lim

    5 star review  We hired our helper via Eden Grace. Our consultant is Victoria. The whole process was quite smooth, easy and fast. Our helper has been with us for the past few... read more

    thumb ivy wong

    5 star review  This is the best maid agency, i have been with them for 6 years and they never disappoint me, they will ensure the helper is fix in to your... read more

    thumb Chris Chia

    5 star review  My agent, Julie, has done excellent job for us. She’s been always prompt in replying all the questions we have and giving us updates if there’s any. The process has... read more

    thumb Nicky Kim
  • 5 star review  Eden Grace was there every step of the way when we were looking for a new helper. We are grateful to Julie & her colleagues for their efficient & helpful... read more

    thumb Ying hwang

    5 star review  I chanced upon Eden Grace through a Google search. It was highly recommended and I decided to approach them for help in finding my helper. I would like to say,... read more

    thumb Janice Tan

” Maid Agency Resources”

Maids in Singapore – Smart Ways to Avoid Food Wastage

Maids in Singapore – Smart Ways to Avoid Food Wastage In 2015, Singapore generated 785.5 million kg of food waste which would equate to 1,500 Olympic-size swimming pools. That is too much tons of waste food to imagine!   Having extensive food wastage isn’t just a...

How to Introduce Our Child to the New Nanny

How to Introduce Our Child to the New Nanny Our children’s safety, growth, and welfare can be the reasons why we want to employ a foreign domestic worker here in Singapore. We like them to be well taken care of when we are away to work for the family. Yet, maids need...

Maid in Singapore – Tips on How to Vacuum Carpets

Maid in Singapore - Tips on How to Vacuum Carpets Carpets are dust and dirt magnets. When someone at home has allergies or asthma, it is best for the maid to pay more attention in vacuuming the carpets at home. Vacuuming also prolongs the lifespan of our rugs and...

Initial Adjustments of Filipino Maids and Indonesian Maids in Singapore

Initial Adjustments of Filipino Maids and Indonesian Maids in Singapore When foreign domestic helpers leave their home country to work in Singapore, the first few months is their most crucial stage. During their adjustment period, Filipino maids and Indonesian maids...

4 Tips of Adjusting in a New Workplace

Filipino Maid & Indonesian Maid – 4 Tips of Adjusting in a New Workplace Living in a new place means adapting to a new culture. All foreign domestic workers, students, and immigrants can relate to this. It is a struggle of being true to yourself while trying to...

Canine-proofing Your Home

Canine-proofing Your Home Paw prints here and there, the slipper’s pair always go missing, and the doormat is seldom found in its proper place! As much as we want to keep man’s bestfriend at home, we also want to have a tidy environment. There are actually ways to...

A Guide for a Good Maid Management

A Guide for a Good Maid Management An employer’s authority is never a question. She can set rules for her employees and give boundaries and control in the household. It is also her duty to give constructive criticisms and assign tasks to her maid. However, there are...

Preparing the House for the Live in Filipino maid/Indonesian Maid

Preparing the House for the Live in Filipino maid/Indonesian Maid Before the actual days of her work as a maid, there are things we need to do and prepare first for the safety of the family, her efficiency of work, and for us, her employer, not to worry.  ...

What To Do when Hiring a Maid

What To Do when Hiring a Maid Have we finally decided how much we need a company to do the chores at home? Have we gone tired of the juggling the office work, taking care of the kids, and cleaning the house? Are we now hiring for a maid for the first time?   If...

How to Handle a Newborn

How to Handle a Newborn After a long nine months of waiting and preparation for the member of the family to come, parents are too excited to start the life with a new baby. However, we still need to keep track of the activities we practice as a parent and as a nanny....

Newborn Burping Techniques

Newborn Burping Techniques Burping releases the air the baby took in during feeding and that stimulates our little one. He feels a lot better too after he burps! The baby’s discomfort may be because of gas built up and our little one needs to burp it out. But how will...

10 Clever Kitchen HACKS To Try Right Now

10 Clever Kitchen HACKS To Try Right Now Do we stay longer hours in the kitchen because of poor cooking methods? Our kitchen skills always have rooms for improvement! We bring you these very clever kitchen hacks to make your cooking process faster and your ingredients...

Tooth Care for Babies

Tooth Care for Babies (Baby Health Guru) Some of us think that the right time to care about the baby’s oral hygiene is when they already have teeth. However, mommies and nannies should start cleaning the baby’s mouth even before the first tooth sprouts out. We can do...

How to make white shoes white again

How to make white shoes white again White shoes are now back to trend among the youth. We love to wear those pairs everywhere we go. However, these pairs are super dirt magnets. Today, don’t worry about the white shoes being dirty anymore. We give this video on how to...

How to Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

How to Keep Bananas Fresh Longer Bananas are good source of potassium! Unfortunately, this magic fruit lost its freshness immediately. To preserve it, here is a brilliant video that will show you how. The keys are just low temperatures and plastic bags.   Video...

7 Life Hacks

7 Life Hacks Salt is more than just some seasoning for your food! Discover how salt takes the sticky thing on your iron with the help of wax paper. Don’t ever worry about the spilled egg on your floor because this video will show you how to clean the mess with salt....

Best Slippers for Elderly

Best Slippers for Elderly An elderly’s comfort is a priority for a care giver. Aside from the clothes, beadstead, room, or temperature, the slippers greatly affects the senior’s comfort. According to the video, the correct slippers to be used are the ones that can...

8 Great Household Uses for Lemons

8 Great Household Uses for Lemons They say when life hands you lemons, we should make lemonades out of it! But the usage of this awesome fruit doesn’t only end there! There are also clever ways to use lemons in the kitchen aside from being an ingredient in cooking and...

The Right Way To Fold The Socks

Socks come in pairs and we always have the struggle to fold them neatly without even stretching or greasing it too much! Or maybe, we're just folding them wrongly! But here are the steps in folding together your favorite pair of socks. They would be properly arranged...

Five Kitchen Tips

The kitchen is probably one of the messiest corners at home. We understand the hardships you experience in organizing kitchen stuff and ingredients. In this video, the proper organizing and labeling of flavorings are shown. We can also light the stove in the safest...

3 Ways to Give New Life to Leftover Rice

3 Ways to Give New Life to Leftover Rice If last night was a very fun party with a lot of rice leftovers, worry not! We have here three brilliant recipes to give a new life to leftover rice. Asians are rice-lovers! Singaporeans, especially, like the variety of rice...

“Best Sambal” for Nasi Lemak

“Best Sambal” for Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak isn’t just popular in Malaysia but also in Singapore. This delicious dish will never be complete without the spicy, aromatic, and the savory Sambal. The “best sambal” will surely compliment with the traditional steamed coconut...

How to Make Singapore Prawn Noodles Soup

How to Make Singapore Prawn Noodles Soup Prawn’s briny smell is definitely a reminiscent of the ocean! Seafoods, especially prawns, are well sought-off in Singapore. Taste the mildly buttery, soft, with a tiny hint of fresh ocean sweetness again with this recipe of...

How to make frozen banana pops

How to make frozen banana pops Is your child’s birthday approaching? Here is a very easy sweet treat recipe that will make the children crave for more. Not to mention, they will be eating a healthy piece of delicious banana in Popsicle sticks!   Your Filipino...

Fish Head Curry | Fish Head Cooked in Indian Curry

Fish Head Curry | Fish Head Cooked in Indian Curry   Fish head is considered a delicacy in fish eating, coastal parts of India and other Asian countries. On the other hand, the great Indian 'kari', which stems from the word for sauce in Tamil, is known to have...

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings Chicken wings can be as better as the chicken drumsticks in any dish! How much more if we put the sweetest honey and the spiciness of garlic? All we do is fry the chicken after putting the flavor combination as in the video. We prepare our...

Thai Green Roast Chicken

Thai Green Roast Chicken Explore other Asian cuisines with this New Thai Green Roast Chicken. All you need are Green Thai Curry past with lime juice and sugar! Rub it on the chicken and marinate it for three hours to achieve the taste you want. Apply salt and pepper...

Malaysian / Singapore Laksa Recipe

Malaysian / Singapore Laksa Recipe Laksa is a popular dish in Southeast Asia, a combination of Chinese and Malay cuisine. It is a delicious curry noodle soup. You can watch how they do this favorite dish by clicking on the video. Make sure you have prawns, and a...

Loaded Baked Potato Salad Bites

Loaded Baked Potato Salad Bites Are we avoiding fatty food for a healthy body? Let’s try this salad with your favorite potatoes as the main ingredient. Bake Small red potatoes, slice them and mix with different tastes like mayonnaise, cidar, sour cream and more. Click...

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Recipe

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Recipe There are a lot of dishes that can be made out of eggs. Eggs can be paired with most meats and we are always surprised with the taste and creativity it brings to our finished product. Here is a recipe of Egg Yolk Chicken and the...